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We proudly announce that, a respected review and research listing service provider for B2B firms, recognized Agiledrop as one of the top Angular development companies of 2019 in their December press release

With several years of working with Angular, both individually and as part of decoupled Drupal projects, and with a plethora of successfully executed projects utilizing Angular this past year alone, we are more than happy to get listed among the best providers of Angular development declares Agiledrop as one of the top Angular development companies

First, a bit of background - we’re a web development company with a focus on Drupal, WordPress and Angular. Based in Slovenia in Central Europe, our offices cover 4 of the country’s largest cities, among them also the capital Ljubljana where our headquarters are based. 

We started out in 2008 and have since then served more than 80 clients and successfully completed more than 300 projects. Apart from Angular, as already stated, we provide enterprise-level Drupal and WordPress development, as well as white-label maintenance and support. 

The Angular framework enables us to build beautiful and highly performant web applications in a much faster and cleaner manner compared to other web development frameworks. It is the perfect solution to the rising tide of more and more specific needs for interactive single-page applications (SPAs) and even allows the smooth creation of progressive web apps (or PWAs).

Our developers strictly follow Angular style guide’s best practices and utilize the most up-to-date versions of all needed dependencies. On top of that, they ensure high code quality with automated unit and integration testing with Jasmine and Karma. 

These were also among the top reasons that the spokesperson gave for listing us as a top Angular development company. By following Angular standards, we make sure that our developers’ code can be understood and maintained by anyone working on the project.

Other reasons include: 

  • Our developers’ clean and frequent communication with clients, which is much too often among the top challenges of working with remote teams;
  • Our developers’ smooth and fast integration into the client’s team and adoption of their tools and processes;
  • Our developers’ emphasis on creating accessible and SEO-friendly applications, which isn’t exactly a piece of cake with Angular;
  • Our developers’ extensive experience with and hence successful implementation of decoupled systems. 

The other criterion responsible for our getting listed is our impressive roster of clients and their continued satisfaction with our partnership. In our work as a provider of development services, we’ve had the pleasure of working with names such as UNESCO, T-Systems, Brooklyn Digital Foundry and Ogilvy

We’re especially pleased with all the partnerships that we’ve managed to transform into strong and sustainable on-going relationships. To us, our clients are not merely providers of paycheck, but someone for whom we genuinely want to provide only the best. To learn more about our work, check out our portfolio


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We’d like to thank the team for recognizing and including us in their listing, and for their thorough process in determining the best service providers. If you want an in-depth overview of our services, our profile on is a great resource that will answer the majority of your questions - for all others, reach out to us and we’ll happily help you out!