Case Studies on DrupalCon Baltimore

Written by: Matic
Published on: 9.5.2017

There was an enormous amount of sessions in the past DrupalCon. They are available online. But to make things easier for you, we'll simply group them together and add a little overview, so you'll easily pick the ones that you like. We'll start with case studies on DrupalCon Baltimore.


Building on Drupal 8 by Tobby Hagler from Phase2 and Josh Mullikin from Turner

A session gives an overview of, the reasons why Drupal 8 was chosen for the 2016-2017 season and how Drupal 8 interacts with other systems and stack components. Attendees learned what worked, what they should avoid and also tips and tricks for architecting a complex site build. The reasons for using Paragraphs module, Angular 2 ... were also explained. All in all, fans of the best basketball league in the world were given an exceptional game experience and were brought closer to the game.


Cornell University Case Study - Drupal as a centrally-brokered platform for web development at the university by Josh Koenig from Pantheon and Shannon Osburn and Ryann Levo from Cornell.

In this case study, unique challenges Drupal faces in higher education are explored. Moreover, the opportunities to “do it right” by offering a complete Drupal Platform to campus are also presented. Namely, the IT web team at Cornell University has gone through the entire journey, starting with having to deal with Drupal as one of many technologies all the way to promoting Drupal. Therefore, presenting Drupal opportunity to a university audience, satisfying executive needs for security and oversight, walking the line with maintenance and support ... were covered.


Building reusable websites on Drupal 8: lessons learned from transforming by Peter Vanhee from Comic Relief.

In this case study, the process of building reusable websites in Drupal 8 is explained. To be precise, Comic Relief reveals how they rebuild The session covers test-driven development with a focus on behat tests, Comic Relief's git flow model including CI and feature preview branches, following the KISS principle at every step of the way, how Comic Relief deals with configuration and so on...


A Case Study in Migrating Content from a Legacy.NET CMS by David Gallerizzo from Fig Leaf Software

A session is about Fig Leaf Software completing a large Drupal migration effort for the United State Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement. They programmatically migrated almost the entire corpus of content from the Ektron CMS into Drupal. Therefore they presented the ins and outs of planning a migration from a .NET CMS, like Ektron, especially how to match it with its "home in Drupal". Fig Leaf Software also presented a review of the "gotchas" in dealing with a site build out and an effort to convert PDF content into 508 compliant format.


Sierra Club Case Study - How Drupal (and BlackMesh) help us save the planet

In this session, BlackMesh and The Sierra Club, which uses Drupal for some time now, discuss migrating the Drupal 7 site from a Windows-based platform to a fine tuned managed cloud solution with automated workflow.


Forecasting Innovation:’s Emerging Technology Story by The Weather Company and Mediacurrent

This case study explores a history ( was originally launched on Drupal back in 2014, was integrated with Angular 2 to its official release in September of 2016 and the team build strong connections with Google’s core Angular team, which improved each release) and ongoing efforts at driving innovation (Mediacurrent and The Weather Company are now helping push forward Drupal 8’s core initiatives), as well as the business value of investing in the exploration of emerging technologies.


Multilingual in Drupal 8: A soup to nuts guide featuring and by Jay Callicott and Dan Polant from Mediacurrent

Building a Multilingual site can be intimidating, because you need to know what modules to enable and how to configure them. In this session, you are shown step by step how to configure a multilingual site, with examples from and You are shown how to configure content types and fields, how to translate text strings, how translation providers use connector modules to integrate with Drupal and much more. Pushing the Design Limits with Paragraphs by Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and Oomph, Inc.

This case study looked at how a corporate organization with widespread content owners benefitted from a flexible component-based design system combined with the power of the Paragraphs module. It also reviews the varied design patterns, show how they're implemented, and demonstrate how web admins control the format, placement and usage of design components on a per-page basis.


Note: due to the enormous amount of sessions, some was maybe left out.