Drupal Logos in Human and Superhuman Forms

Written by: Matic
Published on: 16.2.2017

Every brand needs a logo. When Dries Buytaert decided to release the software behind drop.org back in 2001, making Drupal an open source project, he needed a symbol too. So, Kristjan Jansen and Steven Wittens joined their powers and stylized a Druplicon, a drop with eyes, curved nose and a mischievous smile. Since then Druplicon has been an indispensable part of the Drupal Community.

Druplicon is relatively easy to manage, moderate and share, so people in Drupal Community like to work with it very much. Back in December 2016, when it was Christmas time, we presented you the possibilities of how to style your Druplicon to lift up your Christmas spirit. Now, we decided it's time to present you Druplicons that were used in the past and Druplicons that are still used among Drupal Community in a variety of shapes.

Our journey will start with Druplicons in the shapes of Humans and Superhumans. We'll focus first on latter. The visual identity of Drupal is in that area, practically in all aspects, covered by Drupal Heroes, a group that is »keeping the Internet safe of bugs and bad programming practices«.


Drupal heroes 1


They have designed Superman, Spiderman, Loki, Flash, Batman, Catwoman, Hulk ...


Drupal heroes 2


We'll just add Druplicon in the shape of Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball.


Drupal heroe 3


On the other hand, Druplicon is not just designed with superpowers, but it takes normal humans into account as well. For example,

Grandfather (Drupal Camp RS)




Pirate (Bay Area Drupal Camp)




Gentleman (MIdCamp 2017)








The fun is, of course, not over. We'll look at Drupal logos from some other fields in the future as well. If you have any Druplicon on your mind that has not been published here, feel free to post it on our Twitter account. But remember, Superhumans and Humans only (Try to avoid Human professions as well, because they are going to be explored in the future)! The rest is still coming in our next blog posts.