DrupalCon Nashville, here I come!

Written by: Iztok
Published on: 4.4.2018

I was not planning to go to DrupalCon this year due to so many things going on at the company, but with a little delegation effort, I will be able to go. 

I would not like to miss this one, to be honest. So here is what I am looking forward to in Nashville.


Meeting new people

DrupalCons in the US are the biggest Drupal events, and even if you are an active community member for 11 years like I am, you still see a lot of new faces.

Developers are generally more on the introvert side, so you don't see so much intentional networking like on some other events, but don't hesitate to ask the person sitting next to you, waiting for the session to start, where they are from and what they do. You would be surprised what can come of that simple conversation.


Having intriguing conversations

Some people say they come for the sessions. I think that is a wrong reason to be there. I have a 10-hour flight to America. I will use that idle time to watch some lectures, but when I am at the conference, I want to engage in some conversations.

Even if you do come for the sessions, don't be so passive. Ask questions after the session and ask other people how they perceive the topics you were listening to. 




Mindset shifting

My first Drupal in 2010 in Copenhagen was a tipping point in my career. On that conference, I realised how big Drupal is and how many opportunities it offers. If I did not visit DrupalCon in 2010, there would be no AGILEDROP. 

With all the new people you meet, conversations you have, something will stick, and you will come home inspired and full of enthusiasm to make the next big step.


Get swag

I'm just joking with this one. But yes, go ahead, take as many t-shirts and pens as you can carry. 


Let's meet there

I am looking forward to meeting new folks and catching up with people I meet before. This blog post is an open invitation for everyone who would like to know more about my company and me. Please use the link below to propose a time to meet, and we can take it from there.

Schedule a meeting


See y'all in Nashville!




Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash