Global Drupal Sprint Weekend

Written by: Matic
Published on: 24.1.2017

Drupal Global Sprint Weekend will this year happen at the end of this week, on 28th and 29th January, almost all over the world. Small local sprints will be in a shape of sprint meetups, sprint camp sessions, mini-sprints, wind-sprints and all-day sprints. You can participate, so make sure you find the right location for yourself. We'll help you find it with this blog post. But if you live near Slovenia, sprint in our office in Ljubljana will be just what you need.

In case you don't know what sprints are, let us refresh your memories. Code sprints are getting developers for a day or two for writing code. There is no teaching anything, because the focus is not on the instruction, but on creating working software. In easy words, making Drupal better by contributing back to Drupal community. There are in-person sprints and virtual sprints. The first ones are definitely the most effective way to tackle difficult code challenges, because developers work together in the same room. However, the second ones are rarer and require a bit more coordination and imagination. But they can also be effective, because they connect people from all over the world.


Sprint 2


The key thing is what will be done at the sprint. Defining the focus of the sprint can save you a lot of time and trouble, because making sure that sprint attendees are on the same page is crucial. Moreover, mentors – advisable one for eight attendees – can then easily help the participants and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Drupal Global Sprint Weekend getting bigger every day

There are currently sprints happening in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, so at the end of the week almost all continents will come to life. We expect and, to be fair, hope that some sprints will be newly announced by the end of the week, just before Drupal Global Sprint Weekend will take place. Nevertheless, here are the ones, which are already confirmed.

In Asia Chennai Drupal Global Sprint, Drupal Global Sprint Bangalore and Drupal Global Sprint Hyderabad will lead all the attention to India.

In North America Drupal Global Sprint Weekend Boston, Atlanta Drupal Global Sprint Weekend, Drupal Sprint Weekend Austin and Drupal Sprint Weekend Vancouver will last two days. On the other hand, one-day events will be held in New York CityCharlotte and Ontario.

South America, which massively failed in organizing Drupal Camps, will host Drupal Global Weekend Buenos Aires and Global Sprint weekend Peru.


Sprint 3


We are very proud to say that drupalistas from Slovenia will also join the action in our office in Dunajska cesta 5 in Ljubljana (10th floor) on 28th Jan starting at 9 am. Everybody is welcome to join us and contribute, even if you have never done any contributions. Besides our sprint, there will be also other sprints in Europe. Only Global Sprint Weekend Berlin, Global sprint weekend Amsterdam and Global Sprint Weekend Sheffield will last two days. All other sprints in Ghent, Sofia, Milano, Zurich, Bilbao, Cáceres, Sevilla, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Budapest and London will be single day events.

If you want to share something connected with Global Drupal Sprint Weekend, help yourself with social media, especially twitter using hashtag #SprintWeekend. Your thoughts matter and in addition you will definitely learn something that interest you. So, if you are going to any of the mentioned sprints above, be sure to know, what you will be doing there and what you require to do before you get there as well. And most of all, enjoy!