Case study: Customized Moodle Solution for the University of Ljubljana

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The University of Ljubljana, one of the leading educational institutions in Slovenia, is an extensive network of 26 member faculties and academies. Each of these entities had been operating their own Moodle installations, with individual infrastructure and custom adjustments, leading to a fragmented digital landscape. Recognizing the inefficiency and inconsistencies this created, the University sought to consolidate these disparate systems under their hosting and create a more unified, efficient, and user-friendly digital learning environment.

The Challenge

The University's vision was twofold. First, they wanted a unified theme across all Moodle installations to create a consistent user experience that aligned with their style guide and was in harmony with their other applications and website. Second, they wanted synchronization from the Student Information System (SIS) to Moodle. The SIS is an essential tool that stores all data about students, professors, different programs, and classes within those programs.

However, achieving this vision was not without its challenges. The diverse nature of the University's faculties and academies meant that there were a variety of unique needs and requirements to consider. Additionally, the University wanted to store additional data and use them as filters, which required the addition of custom fields to courses and users.

The SIS Sync Plugin: Bridging the Gap

To address these challenges, Agiledrop developed a custom SIS Sync plugin. This plugin was designed to import all the data from the SIS to Moodle via custom import scripts, ensuring a seamless flow of information between the two systems.

UNI LJ Moodle sync screens

We added several custom fields to courses and users, such as credit points for courses. These additions not only enriched the data available on the platform but also provided the University with the ability to show these data on the page and use them as filters, enhancing the platform's functionality.

To ensure the plugin was easy to manage, we created a special Settings area. This gave the admin the ability to enable or disable sync and also subsets of sync (students, employees, courses, etc.). The Settings area also included course display options and Microsoft Graph API credentials, as the University uses Active Directory to log in to Moodle.

Custom Theme Development: A Unified Look and Feel

Uni Lj Moodle theme login

In addition to the technical integration provided by the SIS Sync plugin, the University wanted a custom theme that would visually unify their Moodle installations. Our team at Agiledrop designed and built a custom theme that not only met these requirements but also integrated the output of the custom fields we added to display them on courses.

We also addressed the University's preference for a flat structure by improving the course search functionality. This was particularly useful for interdisciplinary programs, which often have students enrolled in one program but also attending classes in other programs.

Uni Lj Moodle theme dashboard

The Result: A Streamlined Digital Learning Environment

The custom solutions developed by Agiledrop have transformed the University of Ljubljana's digital platforms, creating a more unified, efficient, and user-friendly learning environment. The SIS Sync plugin has streamlined data management, ensuring a seamless flow of information between the SIS and Moodle. The custom theme has created a consistent and engaging user experience that aligns with the University's brand identity.

Through this project, Agiledrop has demonstrated a deep understanding of the University's unique needs and the ability to develop tailored solutions that address these needs. By leveraging technology and innovative design, we have helped the University of Ljubljana to enhance their digital presence and support their educational goals.

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