Our blog posts from October 2019

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Each month, we do a roundup of all the blog posts we wrote in the previous month. So, no need to worry if you missed some of our posts from October - here’s an overview of all of them!


Understanding the job of an IT Project Manager

Our first post in October was authored by Espie Vidal, writer for the productivity and time management app Time Doctor. In it, she takes a detailed look at the job of an IT project manager: how it differs from that of an IT manager, what their educational requirements, responsibilities and daily tasks look like, etc. 

She points out that the job of an IT project manager is project-based, but it also entails taking care of a business’ IT requirements. As far as education goes, the role demands both managerial and technical experience, and a degree in Information Technology is desired by most hiring managers.

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Microcopy: What is it and why is it important

The next blog post we published last month discusses an often overlooked, though no less important, aspect of user experience: microcopy or UX copywriting. As opposed to content marketing, which focuses on the customer, microcopy focuses on the customer now turned user who needs help with using the product or service, and the copy is intended as a guide that facilitates that use. 

One of the areas where good microcopy is vital are the negative interactions with your brand, as it has the potential to transform them into positive ones. Most importantly, however, the microcopy should be well aligned with the overall design - it is the two together that provide the desired user experience.

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Interview with Sascha Eggenberger of Unic: Designing Claro, Drupal's new admin theme

We continued with another post that has a UX feel to it - a Drupal Community Interview with Unic’s Sascha Eggenberger, designer and front-end developer who is also involved in the Drupal Admin UI and JavaScript Modernization initiative

The initiative has been working tirelessly on Drupal’s new back-end theme Claro, but there are other exciting things coming for Drupal’s admin user experience - among other things also a new front-end theme named Olivero as an homage to Rachel Olivero who has recently passed away.

Sascha, together with Cristina Chumillas and Archita Arora, also gave a session at DrupalCon Amsterdam on the future of the Drupal administration UI - luckily, we conveniently published our interview right before the event, hopefully also helping with greater attendance of the session at least a little bit.

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Why creative agencies should partner with a development agency

The last post we wrote in October was more business-oriented and touched upon the dilemma of creative agencies whether to do all their development in-house or instead partner with a development agency.

In our experience, the second option yields better results for a number of reasons, among which are access to the latest technology trends and to top industry talent, as well as a smooth workflow and scalability without any overhead

On top of that, a strategic agency partnership also lets you focus on the things you excel at, while allowing you to keep complete control over you project, but with minimum input from your side

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