Third European Drupal Business Days with Agiledrop

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 by Matic

In the last blog post, we revealed that our development team will be present at Drupal Heart Camp Zagreb. But that won't be the only Drupal Event, where Agiledrop will be present at the end of this week. Namely, Marko Bahor and Iztok Smolic (our Commercial and Operations directors) will attend European Drupal Business Days in Frankfurt. That means that you'll be able to talk to us in person in two different locations across Europe, practically at the same time.

From 19th to 21st May up to ten of our team member will be in Zagreb. On the other hand, Marko and Iztok will travel a little longer. They will attend the European Drupal Business Days in Frankfurt, Germany, which are back after five years (Vienna 2012). Our duo will start their journey in one of Europe's top business destinations, one day earlier, on 18th May 2017. The event will have three keynotes. Most of the sessions will be held on the second day of the event, while the last one is reserved for socialising.


Iztok-Drupal Camp


Once again the Drupal event will not be without one of ours sessions. You'll be able to learn more about Transforming an agency to a profitable business from Iztok Smolic on 18th May from 16.05 to 16.25. A 20-minute long session will be about going from a developer to a business owner, which needs a completely changed mindset. It will include all the lessons that were learned in the past 9 years of being a Drupal shop. The presentation will also highlight some of the best resources that led the team to restructure our company.

If you spot either Iztok or Marko, say hello. They will gladly have a chat with you. However, the event still deserves some words. Drupal Business Days is a gathering of CXOs, business managers, marketing managers and delivery managers as well as leaders and decision makers from businesses who use Drupal. It will take place in Radisson Blu Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany. Some of the tickets are still available and you can get them here. We hope to see you there!