Top Drupal 8 Modules

Written by: Matic
Published on: 25.7.2017

Last time, we have looked at the most popular Drupal modules. There are around 12 000 modules available for Drupal 7 and 3 000 for Drupal 8, of whom only 1 000 are in a stable version. Not so much as some would perhaps expect. However a lot of them make our lives easier each day, so this time we will look at the top Drupal 8 modules.

Firstly, we must point out that modules that were already used in the blog post Most popular Drupal modules will be left out. Namely, we already presented, which are available for Drupal 8 and their popularity makes them useful for the newest version of Drupal as well. Where to start then?

We will kink-off with the module, which successfully replaced the Administration menu. It's Admin Toolbar, which is probably the first module you have to add to your Drupal 8 site. The entire menu is responsive and you can access the subitems in the toolbar quickly.

The second choice is Metatag. It's one of the SEO modules we have already presented. A module doesn't include just the description and the title, but it also makes sure that your content is going to look good when you share it on social media. It gives you the control of how your content appears when shared.


Drupal 8 Module Metatag


We continue with Devel, a module which has been with the Drupal community for a long time. It has almost four million downloads. It is a great module for developer debugging. Moreover, its sub modules include some other useful features for developers and themers as well.

In Drupal 7, the module for managing media was Media, which in Drupal 8 broken up into smaller modules. That means that you can manage media with Entity Browser, Media Entity, File Entity Browser and Entity Embed. The Entity Browser is a starting one, with whom you are able to add File Entity Browser to your Drupal 8 site, which allows you to reuse images or files across different pieces of content.

The Media entity transforms a YouTube video, tweet on Twitter, Instagram photo, local file, or other media resource into an Entity, while Entity Embed allows any entity to be embedded within a text area using a WYSIWYG editor. Latter is also a worthy mention. It allows Drupal to replace text area with CKEditor. If you don’t have the described media modules, content editors have to upload the same picture again and again. But that changed with Drupal minor version 8.3.0. There, you can drag and drop images into image fields in Quick Edit mode. For something more, we’ll have to wait until next minor or perhaps major releases.


Drupal 8 Module File Entity Browser


If you have troubles with spams, Honeypot is a right solution for you. If you want to link content with a nice interface for editors, you should use Linkit. It allows auto-complete feature for all internal and external links.

A list can go on because there are a lot of Drupal 8 modules, which deserve to be mentioned, but every story needs the ending. So, we will conclude our list with a Webform, a module, used for making forms and surveys in Drupal site. But don't worry, that was not the last post from Drupal module's action because, in the future, we will also look at some of the most popular Drupal (8) modules we use at AGILEDROP.