Top Drupal blog post from October 2018

Published by Ana
on 9 November 2018

First one on the list is Why I am one of the top contributors to Drupal? by Jacob Rockowitz. This blog post was inspired by Dries’ annual Who sponsors Drupal development? (2017-2018 edition) report. Jacob is one of the developers, who contributes the most to the Drupal community. In this blog post, he wants to go a little bit further from the question, who contributes the most - he is answering why is he contributing to Drupal. 


We continue our list with a blog post How Marketers can Benefit from Drupal 8 by Tim Cruse from Duo Consulting. Tim explains that we are witnessing increasing interest in Drupal 8, especially from the marketing department, and that is with a good reason. In this blog post, he looks at the facts that make Drupal so valuable to marketers. 


The third spot is reserved for a blog post Decoupled Drupal Authentication with OAuth 2.0 by Preston So, Director of Research and Innovation of Acquia. Preston explains that the most critical component of the decoupled Drupal architecture is a robust authentication mechanism that protects data transmitted between a Drupal site and API consumers. Drupal contributed ecosystem contains several highly useful modules that leverage more recent authentication standards, like OAuth 2.0, at which he takes a closer look in this blog post. 


Let’s continue with Drupal Strategies: Landing Pages by Cindy McCourt from Promet Source. In this blog post, Cindy looks at five recipes for building landing pages in Drupal: Node page, Node Plus View Block, A View Page Plus a Block, Panel Page and Custom Theme Page, and for each, she is answering how and why.


Our fifth choice is How we are improving Drupal's configuration management system by Dries Buytaert. He explains that configuration management is an important feature of any modern content management system. What will the future bring for Drupal in that area?


The sixth blog post we would like to highlight is End to End Testing With Drupal and Cypress by Edward Allison from Sevaa Group. At Sevaas they started to use Cypress to handle End to End tests for their Drupal sites. The experience was great, thus the process has not been complete without hurdles, therefore Ed finds a few concepts that have been helpful specifically for Drupal sites, he is walking us through. 


The next one is 9 Drupal Websites that Change the World by Vergiliu Hachi from SooperthemesIn this article they talk about some of the world’s biggest organizations and NGOs who are dedicated to making the world a better place - NASA, Tesla, Doctors without Borders etc. Besides changing the world, all these websites have another thing in common: they all use Drupal.


And the last but not least is a blog post Atomic Design in Drupal with GraphQL & Twig - Webinar Recap, the recap of Philipp Melabs webinar by Daniel Lemon, both from Amazee Labs. Daniel gives us an insight of the webinar, where Philipps focus on building a real-world example website for a fictional web agency called Amazing Apps.


These are our top blogs from October… We will be collecting best Drupal blog posts in November too. Stay tuned.