Top Drupal blog posts from June

Written by: Ana
Published on: 23.7.2018

Each month, we revisit out top Drupal blog posts of the month, giving you the chance to check out some of our favourites. Here’s a look at the top blog posts from June 2018. 


First one on the list is Working together to promote Drupal by Dries. In this blog post, he explains why the Promote Drupal Initiative was launched, what is its goal and how we can all help.   


We continue our list with Ode to the Drupal Association by Wim Leers from Acquia. This blog post is a simple big thank you to the Drupal Association for always being there for us.  


The third spot is reserved for a blog post Better Admin Interfaces with React and Drupal 8 by Clint Randall from Ashday. He talks about how Ashday approached the Drupal editorial experience since they didn't find resources how to do it best in a decoupled experience. He presents us with their approach, called Deliberately Decoupled and explains what that means and how it works for Ashday.  


Let’s continue with Project Management + Estimation + Mentorship = Sustainability by Jakob Rockowitz. He explained what sustainability in open source actually is and how do we achieve it. He speaks about mentorship, the importance of involving organizations and how project management help with productivity. 




Our fifth choice is Drupal with WebSockets for Real-Time Synced Displays by Shawn McCabe from Acro Media. He is a maintainer of the Commerce Point of Sale module and has been building a customer facing display feature for the Commerce 2 version. Read the article, if you want to know, what problem was he facing when trying to sync the two screens.


The sixth blog post we would like to highlight is A Hierarchy of Software Quality by Andrew Berry from Lullabot. Andrew looks at the software quality through a Hierarchy of Qualification, a pyramid that Lullabots sales team often refers to and it’s inspired by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. 


The next one is PDFs in Drupal (DrupalCon Session Review) by Edward Chan from Mediacurrent. He reviewed a DrupalCon session by Dan Hansen from Seeva Group about PDFs in Drupal, PDF Rendering Libraries, and tips and tricks. 


Eight one in a row is Implementing IndieWeb on your personal Drupal site by Roy Scholten. He shows us his steps we need to take to make our site part of the indie web community. He is talking about the way to start, how to introduce yourself and connect to your existing social media accounts.


And we conclude our list with a blog post Being Drupal Adjacent by Tara Neier from Hook42. She explains what it means to be Drupal Adjacent (having some degree of experience in Drupal but maintaining expertise in a breadth of other technology), and shares her own story with us. 


These are our top blogs from June … We will be collecting best Drupal blog post in July too. Stay tuned.