Top Drupal Blogs from August

Written by: Matic
Published on: 13.9.2017

It was about time to do that. After already looking at our Drupal Blogs from the past month, it's now time to present you the Top Drupal Blogs from August, written by other authors.

We'll begin with The Hidden Costs of Decoupling by Andrew Berry from Lullabot. The author explains why decoupled sites cost more, why decoupled projects are unpredictable, many things about decoupled Drupal in general and what to expect if you invest in it.

Our second choice is Using Drupal to Organize Higher Ed Content by Molly Lee from DuoConsulting. She presented all the reasons why planning and organizing content is more complex when it comes to this kind of sites than it is for normal consumer-based sites.




We continue with The Headless Hero: Why Decoupled Drupal Is Gaining Ground by Leigh Bryant from My Planet. As the title says, the blog post is about Decoupled Drupal and why it is becoming more and more popular.

Ranking fourth was Janez Urevc from MD Systems with his Meet Primer - our Drupal 8 solution for all kinds of organization. With this blog post, MD Systems announced Primer, their new Drupal 8 distribution for small organizations. It came with many features, standard design and low cost of entry.

Our fifth choice is Philipp Melab from Amazee Labs CapeTown with his Drupal and GraphQL - Batteries included. The company has written some blog posts about GraphQL, but this one dives into the full list of features built into the GraphQL module to spark your imagination with its endless capabilities.


Sea in August


Ranking sixth is Lisette Mazure from Druid with her A static content layout lifesaver: Paragraphs module. This module is, as we have presented in one of our previous blog posts, one of the most used Drupal module. In this case, the author gets into more details. She presents the module and explains how it saves your content layout.

We'll conclude our list with How to Fix HTML Content Issues During Migration in Drupal 8 by Minnur Yunusov from Chapter Three. In this blog post, the author shows us a technique to fix HTML issues, import images or perform content operations during migrations.

That's our selection for the past month. We are quite aware that not everyone is interested in everything and that some other important topics were covered as well. But as we said, that's our selection. Don't forget, we'll make a list every month so that you will be informed as much as possible. Until then, wait for our next blog post.