Adding another DrupalCon to the list

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 by Matic

Last week we promised that from now on, we'll be more informative about where you will be able to find us. Therefore, Web Camp was our first described destination. That event is a local thing for us since our headquarters are in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Now, we are proud to say that after Web Camp we are heading towards DrupalCon Baltimore!

DrupalCon is organized by Drupal Association three times a year at three different locations. Next week, from 24th to 28th April it's time for the United States to shine. The biggest Drupal event, which brings together thousands of people from all around the world who use, develop, design, and support Drupal (also known as »Drupalistas«), will take place in Baltimore, Maryland. Drupal Community, who is at the moment experiencing a rough time, will come together and offer learning, collaboration, and networking opportunities.


Marko Iztok


We are proud to say that AGILEDROP will once again be present at the event. Our commercial director Iztok Smolic will be accompanied by Marko Bahor, our operations director. Iztok is very familiar with DrupalCons. This will be his seventh, with the first one dating back to 2009. And it was the first DrupalCon that inspired him so much that he dedicated his life to Drupal and with help from some other people formed AGILEDROP, which now exists. On the other hand, Marko is not so »experienced« with DrupalCons, but he will gladly exchange his opinions with you. So, if you spot either Iztok or Marko, catch up with them and share your thoughts. Don't wait for the next DrupalCon in Vienna in September!

The only possible downside of not catching up with our duo may be because of the size of the event. Everything became so large on DrupalCons and we discussed that problem in our interview with Janez Urevc some time ago. Nevertheless, besides learning new things, meeting up with old friends, team members, clients ... and potentially making new friends and business partners, there are also other positive things. Therefore, we have made a list of reasons why you should attend any DrupalCon.


DrupalCon Baltimore 2


If you are currently making up your mind whether you should stay a day or two after the event, you should. Visiting the city of the event is one of the reasons to go to DrupalCon and Baltimore is, with all the literary tradition and museums, not an exception. There are also some social events, which will help you enjoy the atmosphere.

One last thing. Don't forget about training and summits that happen on Monday before the conference begins. Just keep in mind that both are not included in a DrupalCon ticket. Latter is also required for some of the sprints. We hope you'll have a great time. Iztok and Marko will certainly make the most of it and are both hoping to see you there.