Drupal Blogs in November

Written by: Matic
Published on: 2.12.2016

We have a news for you. Pretty exciting one. From now on, at the beginning of every month, we will look at the Drupal blogs we have written over the past month, making sure that nothing slips away from you and that you will be as informed as possible. Maybe you would have liked some of the topics, but you were just not on your computer that day, you had a day off, you were too busy at work etc. Well, from now on, even if you have missed something, you will be able to catch it later.

Drupal Camps in Africa were our first blog topic this month. We got the inspiration for starting the world tour of camps, so therefore decided to present you Drupal Camps on each continent. We started in Africa, where the situation about Drupal is strongly connected with general situation in Africa. Not many Drupal camps took place this year, still the most were in the most developed country South Africa. Interesting fact was that Drupal Camp Gauteng changed its name to better represent the geographic area that it represented.


Drupal camp gauteng


Then we continued with Drupal Camps in Asia, where the situation is much more improved than in Africa. At the beginning of the year the whole attention was on DrupalCon Asia in Mumbai, so it wasn't until March this year that Drupal camps came to life. At the time we were able to guide you to the upcoming Drupal camps, especially Drupal Camp Delhi, which is one of the most known Drupal Camps worldwide. It attracts Drupalistas from all over the world, despite major problems about pollution.


Drupal Camp Delhi


Our next Drupal blog was dedicated to Drupal Camps in North America, where there were more than 20 Drupal Camps that took place this year. They were lasting one day, two days and even more than two or three days. Some were of course left out. To be fair, every camp is worth mentioning, but due to the fact that there were to many to be analysed, we will point out Drupal Camp LA, which took place for the tenth consecutive year and Twin Drupal Camp, which exclusively focused on bringing together Drupal users from Universities and colleges worldwide.


Drupal Camp Atlanta


Nevertheless, we also had to leave out some of the Drupal Camps in our blog post about Drupal Camps in Europe. Our company comes from that continent and some of our Drupal developers were already at some Drupal camps. It's still not too late to see our CEO Iztok Smolic in action, because he will have a session “Drupal Commerce in Drupal 8” on Drupal Camp Munich tomorrow (3.12.2016)! However, Europe took the first place in our ranking table, because it had the most Drupal Camps and there were spread across the continent in the most useful way, covering practically every part of the continent. Since some Camps fail to take place every year on every continent, we concluded that the first spot for Europe is not always the case.


Drupal Camp Munich


Up to that point all our expectations about Drupal Camps and their extent were right. Up to this point. Then, for the last Drupal blog in November we decided to explore a situation in South America. We were shocked, because only one Drupal Camp was organized on South American soil, although past years were not so black. Brazil even organized Olympic Games this year, which in theory should have turned world's attention in South America and sponsors for organizing Drupal Camps should have been more easily obtained. Since we did not know the whole context of that bad year, we concluded that Drupal Camps in South America currently take the last place on our world tour ranking table. But December still have some continents to analyse. Of course, they will not be the only topics in our Drupal blogs.