Drupal Camps in Europe

Written by: Matic
Published on: 23.11.2016

Our world tour is far from over. This time it continues with Drupal Camps in Europe. After already exploring Drupal Camps that take place in Africa, Asia and North America, it's time for the continent from which our company comes from. We concluded that Drupal Camps are the most frequent in North America, followed by Asia and Africa, which currently takes the last place. What about Europe? Which spot is reserved for it?

Since Drupal was founded in Europe by Dries Buytaert – you can read about that too in our blog post –, we expected that Drupal activities and camps will be as frequent as in North America. Actually we expected them to be even more spread across the continent. The truth is that in Europe there are also more than 20 Drupal Camps, so our expectations were once again right.




Again, like in the case of North America, some camps were left out. Nevertheless, here are Drupal Camps in Europe that already took place, are right around the corner and ones which will take place next year. We also point out one, which failed to be organized this year.

Drupal Camps left with memories

Many Drupal Camps are already over this year. The recent one, which was little more than a week ago, is DrupalCamp Oslo. A little bit farther away is DrupalCamp Baltics, which took place on 28th October in Riga, although this Drupal Camp brings together more Drupalistas, when it's happening in Tallinn. However, as you can see, it lasted only one day, so two or three sessions were running parallel. It was organized for the seventh time collectively, and for the fifth time in Riga. Just like Lviv Euro DrupalCamp, which also find its name on the map for the fifth time.


Drupal Camp Baltics


Summer days this year were reserved for Hungary. Not only for Formula 1 and its famous Grand Prix event on Hungaroring, but also for Drupalaton. This Drupal Camp was held between 11th and 14th of August on the initiative from the Hungarian Drupal community. It was on the shore of the biggest warm-water lake in Europe, Lake Balaton. From that comes the name Drupalaton, which is quite impressive. Far less impressive is the name of DrupalCamp Greece, which was scheduled on the height of warm days, on 1st of July. It lasted three days.

Drupal Camps right around the corner

You will be happy to know that some Drupal Camps still awaits you. Moreover, they are right around the corner, so hurry up and book your place if you are interested in expanding your Drupal knowledge. That unfortunately won't be possible anymore on DrupalIronCamp, because tickets for latter are already sold out. The event for the lucky ticket owners will start in Prague tomorrow (24th November) and will last until Sunday. Keynote speakers will be Michael Schmid, Larry Garfield, Emma Karayiannis and Janez Urevc, a great friend with our CEO Iztok Smolic. Together they organised a first user group meetup in Slovenia back in 2009.




If you think that's the only Drupal Camp at the end of this week you are wrong. Just a day later starts DrupalCamp Cork and will last for two days, with the second one reserved only for discussions. Still, it won't be as noticeable as Drupal Camp Munich, which will be organized from 3rd to 4th of December in Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, the second largest university of Germany. That's located next to the famous Siegestor and tickets are still available. We are happy to tell you that you will be able to learn more about “Drupal Commerce in Drupal 8” from our CEO Iztok Smolic, who has a lecture under that name. Moreover, before Drupalcamp Munich there will be Code Sprints, which are a great opportunity for Drupal developers to work together on certain projects.


Drupal Camp Munich


Drupal Camps scheduled for next year

Since winter is coming, we should mention that Drupal Mountain Camp in Davos, Switzerland, will take place from 16th to 19th of February. It will run under that name for the first time, because its previous name is Drupal Camp Switzerland. Expect to have a shovel for snow with you. Nevertheless, you won't be needing it in London for Drupalcamp London on 3rd of March with a keynote speaker Danese Cooper. Keynote speaker is not yet set for DrupalCamp Spain in Madrid. The date on the other hand is. It's 5th of May.


Drupal Mountain Camp


On the first eye, there is more Drupal Camps and activities in Europe than in North America. Since some Drupal camps fail to take place each year on both continents, like Drupal Camp Scotland, making numbers different every year, there is no point arguing, who should take the first spot. The more important thing is the awareness that Drupal communities in Europe will, besides exploring Drupal knowledge in their own continent, have to help other less developed continents, like Africa, in doing the same thing as well. Until then, wait for our next blog post about Drupal Camps.