Drupal Camps in Oceania

Written by: Matic
Published on: 15.12.2016

Remember where we have finished in our world tour of Drupal Camps? Let us refresh your memories. After Africa, Asia, North America, Europe and South America it was time for Middle America to shine. Only two Drupal Camps were found there, so we hoped for more Drupal activity in Oceania. Our hopes were fulfilled.

Like in the case of Africa, most Drupal Camps are taking place in one country. In fact, in this case, all of the Drupal camps took place in Australia in contrast to South Africa, which hosted a majority of the events. That was not the case in the past, because New Zealand also helped in organizing Drupal Camps in Oceania, but this year, it was all about Australia.


Drupal Glamp Sydney


Drupal Camps south-west of the Great Barrier Reef

The first Drupal Camp organized this year was DrupalGov Canberra. It was a single day event on 8th February in the National Museum of Australia. Capital of Australia hosted a variety of topics ranging from strategy and management, case studies to technical delivery. Due to lasting only one day, three sessions had to run parallel, so visitors could be on everything. A keynote speaker was Tom Burton.

The second one was Drupal Glamp Sydney 2016, which was also a single day event. It took place on 3rd September and it was located in the middle of Sydney Harbour. Views were, therefore, spectacular. On the other hand, the event was a mixture of presentations, BOFs, training sessions and socialising. Speakers were Vladimir Roudakov, Max Pogonowski, Josh Martin etc.


Drupal South Gold Coast


And for the last the largest Drupal Camp in Oceania was this year's DrupalSouth Gold Coast. It lasted three days, from 26th to 28th October in Q1 Resort & Spa on Gold Coast. Latter will be a home of 2018 Commonwealth Games. Drupal Camp had training sessions on the first day and the last two days were reserved for sessions. Each of these two days had two keynote speakers, which is very unusual. On 27th October there were Troy Hunt (opening) and Sharyn Clarkson (closing) and on 28th October there were Arthur Cunningham (opening) and Eduardo "Enzo" Garcia (closing).

What about New Zealand?

Well, New Zealand failed to organize a Drupal Camp this year, but did that in the past as well. The recent one was in Welligton, a capital city of New Zealand, in 2014 under the name of DrupalSouth Wellington. It was a three day event in February. Prior to the described event, the same one under the same name was organized in 2010.


Drupal SOuth Wellington


In conclusion, Oceania did not disappoint. From the history record, it can be found that there was at least one Drupal Camp organized in Oceania each year. Moreover, from 2014 there were at least three Drupal Camps in Oceania’s soil each year. In our world Drupal Camp ranking table, which measures the quantity of Drupal Camps organized on the continent, Australia beats the South and Middle America and it is ranked just behind Africa. Our world tour is now concluded. But posts are not. Next time we'll give you an overview so that you'll have the whole picture. Until then, other blog posts are on their way.