Drupal Logos as Fruits and Vegetables

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 by Matic

Our journey with Druplicons has just started. Last time, we presented you Drupal Logos in Human and Superhuman Forms. Now, it's time to see, how Druplicon can be designed in the shapes of Fruits and Vegetables.

First, we'll start with fruits. Druplicon can be an orange (Drupal Camp Atlanta 2016),


Drupal Camp Atlanta


which is very similar to Druplicon from the same camp in 2009


Drupal Camp Atlanta 09


Druplicon can be designed as an apple (Drupal Camp NYC 2014)


Druplicon apple


DruplIcon as a lemon

Druplicon lemon


Druplicon as a cherry (Drupal Camp Twin Cities 2011)


Druplicon cherry


Druplicon as a Buckeye tree fruit (Drupal Camp Ohio 2012)


Drupal Logo Buckeye tree fruit


On the other hand, Vegetable is not neglected. Druplicon can be as an ear of corn (DrupalCorn Camp Iowa 2014)


Druplicon corn


And as a potato (Drupal Camp Idaho 2012)


Drupal logo potato


Since both categories are connected with plants, we’ll just add a Druplicon in the shape of a leaf from koumbit.org


Druplicon leaf


At the end of the previous blog post, we encouraged you to post any of the missing Druplicons in the shape of Humans and Superhumans on our Twitter account. We were very satisfied that you responded to our request. We have received Druplicon with Goggles from Wim Mostrey and Cowboy Druplicon from Drupal Camp Dallas.

We would like to once again invite you to collaborate and post any of the missing Druplicons in the shapes of the Fruits and Vegetables on our Twitter account. We'll be very grateful to you, because we will be able to enjoy the funny part of the Drupal Community together.