DrupalCon Prague 2022 – which sessions to check out?

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DrupalCon Prague 2022 is just 2 weeks away! The broad selection of sessions for the first in-person European DrupalCon in three years is downright amazing – and that’s without even including the keynotes, sponsored talks, BoF and contribution sessions, workshops, etc.

In anticipation of the conference, we combed through the schedule and made a selection of our top picks for the sessions that we don’t want to miss, which proved to be easier said than done, especially due to the frequent overlap between sessions.

This just means, however, that every kind of attendee, from developer to marketer, will be able to find something to their liking at any time. That said, we decided to include a diverse mix of topics, covering different tracks rather than focusing on one particular user type. 

All session times are in local time (CEST). 


What GitLab has learned from Drupal and what can Drupal potentially learn from GitLab

  • Open web & community track
  • Tuesday, 20 September – 4:15 pm to 5:00 pm, ​​Room D12 Dropsolid

Presented by Nick Veenhof, Director of Contributor Success at GitLab and board member of the Drupal Association, this session will look at the differences and parallels between the Drupal and GitLab ecosystems, how contribution is promoted and rewarded in each ecosystem, and what key lessons the Drupal community can adopt from GitLab.


The customer is always right... except when they are not! Building collaborative partnerships and handling conflict in digital projects.

  • Agency & business track
  • Tuesday, 20 September – 5:15 to 5:35 pm, Room D4 Pantheon

In this session, Will Huggins and Hannah McDermott of Zoocha will share tips and tricks for building and maintaining strong client / agency partnerships, with a special focus on how to handle conflict. Both agency leaders as well as client facing project / partner management roles have a lot to gain from this presentation.


The 17 ingredients for a successful agency

  • Agency & business track
  • Wednesday, 21 September – 10:30 to 11:15 am, Room D7 FFW

As the title of this session clearly states, this session by Michel Van Velde (founder of One Shoe, now MD at iO) will break down 17 elements to succeeding as a digital agency. These 17 elements form the basis for “The Wheel of Fortune” model for determining success, which attendees of the session will also use to gauge their own agencies’ respective scores.


Asking the right questions: How can business managers and project leaders gain confidence in their site security?

  • Clients & industry experience track
  • Wednesday, 21 September – 4:15 to 5:00 pm, Room D12 Dropsolid

Due to the drastic increase and sophistication of cyber crime over the past couple of years, a focus on cyber security is now more essential than ever, and not just for the tech-savvy roles. In his session aimed primarily at non-technical management roles, Mike Richardson of Ironstar will go through key tools and strategies for enhancing the security of a Drupal site.


Migrating at Scale - How to not … fail!

  • Makers & builders track
  • Thursday, 22 September – 10:30 am to 11:15 am, Room C1 Acquia

This session by Stella Power and Erik Erskine of Annertech will deal with migrating Drupal websites at scale, based on Annertech’s work for the University of Limerick. Stella and Erik will show how to work with the Migrate API, how to migrate into Drupal 9 / Layout Builder, and more tips and tricks for migrating at scale.


Future of content management: using Drupal as a content strategy platform

  • Users & editors track
  • Thursday, 22 September – 11:30 am to 12:15 pm, Room D7 FFW

Drupal has long excelled as a content management platform, but recently the digital landscape has transformed so much that traditional content management is no longer enough. In this session, Suzanne Dergacheva of Evolving Web will explore how Drupal can go beyond web content management as part of a content strategy for a digital experience platform.


Global Drupal Business Survey: Exclusive Learnings & Insights

  • Agency & business track
  • Thursday, 22 September – 4:15 to 5:00 pm, Room C1 Acquia

Exove’s CEO Janne Kalliola is one of the initiators of the annual global Drupal business survey. He will share the key learnings and insights from this year’s edition of the survey with 118 agency leaders participating. The three main topics will be insights on selling Drupal, expectations with regards to Drupal 9, and perspectives on community contribution.


Drupal - A Tool for JavaScript developers?

  • Open web & community track
  • Thursday, 22 September – 5:15 to 5:35 pm, Room D6 Amazee.io

Over the years, JavaScript has gone from a language for making front-end embellishments to a technology that can power pretty much any type of digital experience. This session will be given by drunomicsWolfgang Ziegler (better known as fago) who will attempt to show we can bring Drupal closer to JavaScript developrs, the new type of ‘site builders’.


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We hope this post gives you some ideas on what sessions to check out at the DrupalCon, or helps you decide between some overlapping ones. Here is the full schedule in case you haven’t yet checked it out. Make sure to stop by our booth at the conference to have a chat and pick up some swag. We can’t wait to see you there!