DrupalCon sessions about Project Management

Thursday, May 18, 2017 by Matic

Last time, we gathered together DrupalCon Baltimore sessions about Case Studies. We promised that we will also look in some other areas. Therefore, we will this time explore the sessions from Project Management.

Project Managers ARE the new Content Strategists by Lynn Winter from August Ash

The session is about Project Managers being a content strategist. They become so because nobody has money to pay for a content strategist. Therefore, a session walks you through the discovery, design, and build phases of a website redesign sharing tips, tools, and examples of steps you can take to manage the content process and provide clients with ways to create better content. Keep in mind that Project Managers are already completely busy with their normal project management duties. Audits, editorial guidelines, purging rules, tools, testing, governance ... are all covered.


Style Guide Driven Development for managers: Why you should care by Sarah Thrasher from Acquia and Adam Weingarten

In this session, the business value of Style Guide Driven Development, which is an exciting new approach to front-end development, because front-end developers make small html models of the components of a site before applying them to Drupal, is reviewed. Moreover, the session also looks at how Style Guide Driven Development can increase the speed and quality of your project delivery.


Project Management: The Musical! by Joe Allen-Black and Allison Manley‏ from Palantir

A session gives an overview of how to best manage a Drupal website design and development project from contracting to post-launch. And, pay attention, with soundtrack! Palantir shares tools and spreadsheets, outlines steps to get organized for both kick-off meetings and sprint planning, discusses the Agile process, gives techniques on how to manage team members and clients, and teaches how project managers can overcome the odds to navigate to a fantastic product at the end.


Planning & Managing Migrations by Aimee Hannaford from Hook 42 and Ryan Weal from Kafei Interactive Inc 

Migration projects can be lengthy. Therefore, this session helps you understand the scope of a migration project, terminology and concepts to communicate with management and development teams, practical samples of migration planning documents and lastly, how much time and money can be wasted if a migration isn’t well planned and documented.


Agile Design by Kelly Albrecht from Last Call Media

This session uses mini case study examples to further discuss substantial design projects, which were built using agile methodologies. It also shows how the design team can fit into the process.


Agile with a Lowercase 'a': The Art of Collaborative Project Management by Kylie Forcinito and Nick Switzer from Elevated Third

A session is about how to collaboratively plan and execute a large development project with a small team. Authors are part of a small agency, which is always striving to be more efficient and maximises the tools it has. The duo presents how they came together to produce a version of agile tailored to the world of budget constraints, short timelines, limited resources and required deliverables.


Anti-Crash Course: How to Avoid Drupal’s Most Common Pitfalls by Ray Saltini and David Hernandez from FFW

In this session, both authors explain how to recognize if your project is on a collision course and how to steer clear of project management, architectural and development related traps. With this, your Drupal project can be successful.


Better Agile Drupal Sprints: leverage Jira for good by Chris Urban from Acquia

A session covers the tools and techniques for a success at each stage of your Agile project. It also reviews real-life challenges and how to overcome them. The attendees walked away with an in-depth review of 12 tips and tricks to apply to their next project and help them become a Jira expert.


How Changing our Estimation Process Took our Project Endgame from WTF? to FTW! by Ashleigh Thevenet from Bluespark

A session looks at a case, where client expectations and overall project budget were mismanaged, resulting in a failed project with an unsatisfied client. This failed project caused Bluespark to think about it and revise their project process.


From Specification to Collaboration; one Agency's Move to Scrum by Stephanie El-Hajj from Amazee Labs

In this session, Amazee Labs shares their experience of adopting Scrum as an Agile development framework, which improved their development process to better match internal and external needs. They reveal what's worked, what's been hard, and what they've tweaked to work for them.


Client Management: Building Happy, Healthy Client Relationships by Hannah Del Potro from Brick Factory

In this session, a Brick Factory reveals how they made sure that clients were happy with their services, while they were still fair to their employees and their firm. Attendees learned how to manage their projects more effectively, resulting in higher quality work, more satisfied clients, improved profit margins and happier internal teams.


Biting Off Exactly What You Can Chew: How Project Size Contributes to Motivation, Better Communication and Project Success by Bjorn Thomson from Imagex Media and Jeanna Balreira from Trinity University

In this session, authors discuss several small-to-medium projects and review ways of sizing projects effectively, including real-world case studies.