DrupalCon Vienna sessions you don't want to miss

Written by: Matic
Published on: 21.9.2017

There will be a lot of sessions on DrupalCon Vienna. That's nothing new to be fair. DrupalCons are the biggest Drupal events, so you don't catch all the sessions you want. Therefore, we have made a short list of the sessions you don't want to miss. We hope it will help you.

But before looking at it, it's fair to say that the Business sessions were excluded because we have already presented them on the other occasion. Moreover, our commercial director Iztok Smolic was directly involved in selecting them, so if we pointed out any session from the business track, you may have argued about the conflict of interest.

Nevertheless, here are DrupalCon Vienna sessions you don't want to miss:

The first one is JavaScript and Accessibility: Don't Blame the Language from Everett Zufelt, Director of Technology at Myplanet. He will look at where the belief that JavaScript is inaccessible came from, why the use of JavaScript easily leads to inaccessible applications, what are the most common causes of inaccessible JavaScript applications and how the use of modern frameworks like React can make JavaScript accessibility easy.

Session starts at 12:00 on 28.9.2017

The second one is Virtual Reality on the Web - Overview and "How to" Demo from Wes Ruvalcaba, Front-End Developer at Lullabot. The author already made the slides for his talk. He will go through the overview of virtual reality (VR) concepts, technologies, and what its uses are, Google Cardboard, Web VR technologies ... He will also introduce A-Frame and how to make your own Web VR experiences.

Session starts 13:35 on 27.9.2017


Speaking at the conference


We’ll continue with Introducing the UI Patterns module: use atomic UI components everywhere in Drupal 8 from Antonio De Marco, Director at Nuvole. In this session, the author will explain how the UI Patterns module allows users to define and expose self-contained UI patterns as Drupal 8 plugins and to use them as drop-in templates for panels, views, field groups, Display Suite view modes, field templates, and so on.

Session starts 15:45 on 26.9.2017

Making the fourth spot was Elm and Haskell -- Getting off the island. Way off. by Amitai Burstein, CTO at Gizra. Despite the usage and love of PHP and Drupal, the company saw other ways of building websites, so this session will be an overview of the languages, tools, mindset, and eco-systems of Elm and Yesod (a Haskell framework).

Session starts 14:15 on 27.9.2017

We'll conclude our list with Everybody cheer! Here comes Media! from Sasa Nikolic and Tadej Basa, both working at Amazee Labs. In this session, the authors will discover the niceties of Media being added to Drupal's core (Drupal 8.4.x) and look at how current contrib modules complement this functionality. By simple practical examples, they will show how to set up the most frequently required features and get users up and running with rich media content in Drupal 8.

Session starts 12:00 on 28.9.2017