Family-friendly teambuildings at Agiledrop

Published by Tim
on 11 July 2019
Agiledrop teambuilding fun group photo

At Agiledrop, we view all our employees, as well as their relatives and close ones, as members of our big Agiledrop family, and we organize teambuildings accordingly. An excellent example was our get-together on June 29, which was comprised of a barbecue and numerous other activities suitable for both the adults as well as the youngest members of our family.

In this post, we’ll recount the exciting summer Saturday we spent together. We’ll give you some great insights into what our teambuildings are like, as well as proof that we take care of a wide range of tastes and age groups.




Branka in gokart giving peace sign with fingers


It all began in the late morning at Ljubljana Karting Center, where we had the entire track reserved for three hours. This gave us enough time for everyone to drive a training lap, then a qualifier lap and finally to compete for a chance to be on the winners’ podium.

Once everyone arrived, it was time to kick off the intense AgileKart races! All in all there were 23 participants, including both our employees as well as any close ones who wanted to be a part of the races.

After the already thrilling qualifications, the real race commenced - the race for the first three places. The racers with the best results got the chance to show off their driving skills and maybe even set a new local record. It’s not that easy to describe the exciting atmosphere during this final stage of our AgileKarting - we suggest you check out the video below:



The intense tooth and nail fight lasted only 10 minutes - but it seemed much longer to spectators, and especially to the racers. Our developer Nik from our Maribor office was the one who came in first, with the second and third place going to our development director Boštjan and to our developer Aleš respectively.

All three finalists also received medals, with Nik naturally being the happiest one. But not just because of his victory, of course; on top of the gold medal which he obtained from the Karting Center staff, he also received a very special Agiledrop gift - a high-performance pocket drone complete with an HD camera!


Tour of the Ljubljana Airport fire department


Marko, Aleš and the kids walking towards firetruck


Of course, the intense AgileKarting wasn’t as appropriate for the youngest members of the Agiledrop family. As such, we had something special planned for the children: we were given a spectacular tour of the Ljubljana airport fire department.

They educated us on the work of their fire department (which is, by the way, the fastest in Slovenia!), showed us the interior of a firetruck and even allowed us to try out their equipment. So, from now on, you can also give us a shout out if there’s a fire that needs to be put out, not just when you’re in need of skilled and reliable developers. ;)

The tour was a real treat for everyone, the children as well as their adult companions. (We would even argue that the latter enjoyed it more than the children for whom it was originally intended!)


Marko and kids watching firetruck in action


Refreshments and good vibes at the barbecue

For the second half of the day, we had a barbecue planned at a local sports club. Here, participants of the two previous activities got together and immediately started exchanging their impressions, while Nik was busy tinkering with and learning to pilot his newest toy.


Nik playing with drone


When the eagerly-awaited food finally arrived, everything went silent for about 30 minutes. The strong summer sun coupled with the intense racing exhausted us so much that we couldn’t concentrate on anything but the delicious food on our plates.

After some much needed regaining of strength we were able to return to the heated discussions and elated toasts, while the children and the designated drivers treated themselves to some ice cream to combat the summer heat.


Agiledrop team having fun, laughing and talking during teambuilding


The food and drinks gave us enough of an energy boost for some further sports activities, despite our muscles still aching from the intense race. Some members of the Agiledrop family faced off in a game of lawn bowls beneath the shade of the trees and later even shot some hoops. Meanwhile, the youngest ones had fun in the spacious playground which featured a diverse range of playground equipment. 

We started saying our farewells in late afternoon, but, since we had the place reserved for the entire evening, the most enthusiastic members of our family were able to bond and forge new friendships well after dusk. 


Agiledrop team cooling off in the shade by playing a relaxed game of bowls


So, we all returned home full of new impressions and lasting memories (though, admittedly, a lot of us also with aching muscles). 



This was our first teambuilding with such a large family - and we’re very happy that the experience was so amazing for everybody! It’s always a delight when the entire Agiledrop team gets together and spends some quality time; but the best days are the ones when we’re also joined by members of our broader family, which just keeps growing.


Looking to increase your development capacity and prefer working with an agency that respects each employee and treats them as family members? Give us a shout out and we’ll be happy to step in and help you crush it with your next project!