Meet Marko, our Managing director

Written by: Ana
Published on: 8.12.2017

I had a little chat with our Managing director, Marko. Let's see, what he had to say about himself and his work at AGILEDROP. 


When did you start working at AGILEDROP and what were your initial responsibilities?

I am one of three founders of the company. In the beginning, I was doing Drupal theming and site building. But it wasn’t long before we needed a full-time manager, so I took on the role of managing director.


What are your responsibilities as Managing director?

At AGILEDROP, we only have great people – all of them experts in their own fields. So, my job is to make sure they do what they do best and then leave them to unleash their potential. I also give them some help with self-improve, organizing mentors, courses, English lessons, and things like that. I trust them all, and I can honestly say that I’m very lucky to be working with such great people.

But there are also times when even great people need a little push or realignment of the path. They might be working together on the same idea or project, and then somehow there’s a breakdown in communications, and progress gets super slow or sometimes even stops. Everybody sits around waiting for everybody else to do something :) It’s my job to step in there as well.

The job of a managing director is to make sure he is not needed so that the company can run by itself even if the MD is not around.
- Vesa Palmu


What are your daily tasks?

I meet with our managers and directors to keep them on track if everything is working properly, and to give guidance if it isn’t. I have to make sure we only work on the right ideas and get them fully implemented. Making sure we are always productive and optimized. 

I’m involved in transactions, purchasing, and budgeting. I’m also on the panel that selects the new talent that we bring into the company. 

Marko Bahor


What does your typical work week look like?

I don’t think I have a typical work week. I see my job more as a “janitor” in the company, making sure everything is working smoothly.


Who do you work with?

On a daily basis, I mostly work with Petra, our office manager, on all finance-related stuff and HR. I also work on production with Domen, our resource manager, and Bostjan, the company’s CTO and co-founder.  They’re all doing a great job, so I’m not needed there so much. Other than that, I have a lot of meetings with our other co-founder, Iztok. He’s currently working as commercial director, so we talk a lot about sales and marketing. 


What exactly do you do that adds value to our services?

I think I am best at seeing a bigger picture of the company. Rather than thinking about who should work on particular tasks today, I tend to think more about which department is going to be working on them when we have 100+ people. I’m also the one who’s focusing on growth, even if it means sacrificing short-term goals to get good long-term results. I think I’m also good at keeping us focused on what works and what we are best at. 


Who are you outside the company?

I am married and consider myself as a family man. I have a son and a baby girl. I like to play with them outside and ride bicycles with them. I also like to run and windsurf occasionally.

If you have any other questions for Marko, get in touch, he will be more than happy to answer them.