Other Top Drupal Blogs from November

Written by: Matic
Published on: 8.12.2016

We recently decided that at the beginning of every month we will look at the topics we covered in our blog posts in the previous month. So, we began last week with our first overview. But we were not satisfied only with that. Therefore, we also decided to look around and gather for you the best Drupal blogs that other authors have written over the past month. Here's our first selection, which includes blogs, which were written in November.

Drupal 8 turns one

We'll start with the most obvious one. It's the one from the founder Dries Buytaert, who dedicated his post to the first anniversary of Drupal 8. He looked back at a few of the amazing Drupal 8 projects, which were launched in that period, like NBA, Jack Daniels, WWF …

You can read the blog post here.

How to organize a DrupalCon

The second one is from Spela Grasic, who looked behind the scenes of DrupalCon to find out how the event design and planning process of such major event looks like. She discovered how lead DrupalCon coordinator Amanda Gonser manages to make sure that DrupalCon event runs smoothly.

You can read the blog post here.

File Entity Browser

We continue with Ixis, which presented a module File Entity Browser. This module helps content creators to deal with everyday troubles regarding Media files. It's true that a lot have been said around media in Drupal, but this post will make your media issues a lot easier.

You can read the blog post here.

DrupalCamp Baltics

Our fourth choice is Mikael Kundert's blog post about DrupalCamp Baltics, which covers the inside action on that Drupal Camp. Moreover, the author also covers code sprints, which he mentored and explains the background of a Migrate initiative.

You can read the blog post here.

Display suite in Drupal 8

How to use display suite fields in Drupal 8 is up next. Although many Drupal developers have seen these fields in action, author Ivan Zugec guides the reader through the full process, making sure that display suite fields are seen as a versatile piece of functionality.

You can read the blog post here.

SEO on Drupal

A lot has also been said about getting your content explored in the first place. Therefore, a topic about how to create an SEO Friendly Website on a Drupal Platform by Andy Clarke will sure help you reach a broader audience.

You can read the blog post here.

Custom fields in Drupal 8

And finally, we conclude our list with a blog »How to create custom fields in Drupal 8« authored by Jigar Mehta. He showed us how to create a custom compound field for Drupal 8, using burrito ingredients as the example.

You can read the blog post here.


That's our selection for the past month. We are quite aware that not everyone is interested in everything and that some other important topics were covered as well. But as we said, that's our selection. Don't forget, we'll make a list every month so that you will be informed as much as possible. Until then, wait for our next blog post.