Our blog posts from November 2018

Published by Tim
on 7 December 2018
in Drupal
Thanksgiving table

We’ve collected all of our blog posts from November 2018 to make them even more easily accessible to you! Check them out below.

Our first post from November was a detailed, step-by-step description of creating custom blocks in Drupal 8. It explains what ‘blocks’ are and provides the reader with thorough instructions for both creating blocks through Drupal’s own GUI and for doing it programmatically. Since blocks are a key component of a Drupal site, this post is a useful read for anyone who is just now getting familiar with Drupal as well as for those more experienced developers.

The next blog post was an interview with Agaric’s David Valdez. In this interview, he talks about his mixed early experiences with Drupal and presents Drutopia, Agaric’s project for nonprofits and other low-budget groups. To him, Drupal presented the perfect opportunity to learn a ton of new things, which made him eager to give back to the community. Discover what motivated him to become an active member of the Drupal community and which contributions he is proudest of.

The interview with Adam Bergstein aka Nerdstein provides a very personal aspect, which makes it extremely easy for the reader to relate to him. You can truly feel his passion and get genuinely excited reading about his achievements, and you can’t help but smile at his honest display of love when he talks about his family. In his view, Drupal core should put a greater emphasis on stability than on adding new features. He believes the future of Drupal depends as much on the community as it does on the technology and invites anyone interested in participating in his projects to reach out to him. 

Last but not least came our interview with John Piccozi, co-host of the weekly podcast Talking Drupal. As the Senior Drupal Architect at Oomph, he’s known in the company as the  resident Drupal enthusiast. He kicks things off with an impressive roster of Drupal projects that he’s currently involved in or that he’s worked on in the past, and spices things up with a personal anecdote or two. He concludes with a powerful quote by American scientist Margaret Mead that feels like it was written specifically about the Drupal community. Curious about what it is? Read the interview and you’ll see for yourself!


Well, that’s it for our November blog posts. Keep checking back to never miss an update or a new post!