Our blog posts from September 2019

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Missed some of our blog posts last month? Don’t worry - here’s a recap of all our posts from September. Check it out and make sure you’re all caught up!


Interview with Suzanne Dergacheva of Evolving Web: The sky's the limit with Drupal

Our first post from last month is another one of our Drupal Community interviews. In it, Suzanne Dergacheva, co-founder of Evolving Web and member of the Drupal Association Board of Directors, talks about how she first discovered and started using Drupal, her most memorable Drupal moments, the projects and initiatives that she finds the most exciting, and her brand new hobby. 

One of Suzanne’s favorite things about Drupal is helping others to get over its steep learning curve and empowering them to benefit from all of its powerful features. She has conducted several studies on Drupal’s content editing user experience and is one of the initiative leads of Promote Drupal

She believes Drupal will continue evolving and finding new use cases. The main drives for this will be the evolution and standardization of “decoupled” Drupal, and the progress of the community and its events towards more and more diverse and inclusive

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Let's talk about localization

It is kind of a general misconception that translating your site’s content is all that’s needed to launch the platform in another language and/or market. This next post, written by our developer Jernej, shows that there’s more to the story by explaining localization, how it differs from translation, and showing some best practices for localization. 

In order to successfully implement localization, you need to be mindful of the target audience’s culture - specifically, their habits when browsing the web, but also more general things such as the meanings of specific colors etc. This may require you to significantly change both the layout and content of your localized site.

Thankfully, there is one website aspect that needs no localizing. Good website performance is something that’s desired across all cultures, so, you need to make sure your website loads fast and doesn’t frustrate the user. One of the smoothest ways to speed up your loading times is image optimization

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Must-see Business, Marketing & Industry sessions at DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019

The European edition of the biggest annual Drupal event is just around the corner and, with the diverse selection of tracks featuring an abundance of available sessions, it makes sense to do some planning prior to the event and reserve the time slots for your must-see ones.

We wanted to make these decisions at least a little bit easier and to this end made a list of our favorite sessions to attend from the Business + Marketing and the Industry tracks. We tried to cover as many different aspects as possible: mentoring, accessibility, ecommerce, contribution to open source, etc.

There were too many intriguing sessions from other tracks to cover all of these, and this is why we decided to focus exclusively on these two tracks. Hopefully, this blog post will arm you with the right information to get the most out of your time in Amsterdam. 

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Interview with Lullabot’s Cristina Chumillas, co-organizer of the Drupal Admin UI and JavaScript Modernization initiative

We finish September’s list with another interview - this one with Cristina Chumillas, designer and front-end developer, and co-organizer of the Admin UI and JavaScript Modernization initiative in Drupal. 

In our interview, Cristina recalls how she started getting actively involved in the community and highlights the people who helped her along this journey. She points out that this early contact with community members helped her significantly in her professional career. She has just started her new job at Lullabot and loves the super welcoming attitude of her new colleagues. 

She enjoys enabling people to get involved in the Admin UI initiative. She is especially pleased with seeing so many non-developers help out - content creators, for example - and points out that the initiative needs any help they can get from diverse perspectives. She invites everyone who wants to help out to join the #admin-ui Slack channel and get involved.

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This was it for our overview of the posts we wrote last month. We hope you enjoyed the read, and we wish everyone a smooth transition into the colder half of the year!