Our Drupal Blogs from September

Written by: Matic
Published on: 3.10.2017

It's the beginning of the new month, so it's time to look at all the Drupal blogs we have written for you in September.

First, we have announced that after a long time, we will be present on any Drupal event. During holidays in July and August, we were not so active in that part, so it was right to point out that we were heading to DrupalCamp Antwerp at that time. Our Commercial director Iztok Smolic had a session there and our client adviser Ales Kohek was taking part in any of the Drupal events for the first time. But more about that later.

Our second blog topic in September was again the announcement. It was related to DrupalCon Vienna. We revealed that we will be coming to DrupalCon Vienna and helping the event. We are once again proud to say that we were coffee sponsors of the event. Our mugs looked awesome.


Our coffee mugs from DrupalCon Vienna


The next blog topic was also related to DrupalCon Vienna. Namely, we pointed out sessions that you didn't want to miss. If you did not attend them and still want to hear them, wait until they are uploaded to Youtube (we think that they might be by now).

We continued with the experiences from our client adviser Ales Kohek, who went on his first Drupal Camp on DrupalCamp Antwerp. Ales got back home with a lot of positive thoughts, which he gathered in the interview.

We concluded the month with Latest Drupal 8 books. We have written a very similar blog post at the beginning of the year, so this time we just “upgraded” it to the Drupal 8 books that were written in the last nine months.