Drupal Blogs from February

Written by: Matic
Published on: 9.3.2017

We did not forget, don't worry. It's once again time to look at the blogs we have written for you in the previous month. So, here's what February brought to you in the field of Drupal.

The start of the month was pretty much the same. Looking back to the January, writing regular things. But, then it was time for something new. After already analysing Drupal Camps and running across so many groups, which take care of variety of different things about Drupal, we got the idea of presenting you Druplicons in all the possible shapes.

We had to start somewhere, so we decided to first explore Drupal Logos in the field of Humans and Superhumans. The visual identity of latter was, practically in all area, covered by Drupal Heroes, a group that is »keeping the Internet safe of bugs and bad programming practices«. They have designed Druplicon in the shape of a Superman, Spiderman, Loki, Flash, Batman, Catwoman, Hulk ... On the other hand, Human Drupal Logos were covered by different Drupal Camps. We found gentleman, grandfather, holidaymaker ... We also received some missing Druplicons and the ones, who posted them on our twitter account, were mentioned in the next blog posts about Druplicons as a reward.


Drupal Heroes 4


But before the next blog post about Druplicons, we concluded our February’s activity with the explanation of an open source module Context Group, developed by our Igor Curk. With this module, you handle a block layout. Our module creates groups to your reaction in context and enables you to add classes to the groups, to make styling on front-end easier. You can also add multiple groups.

That's it. More action will come in March, when we have a lot for you in store as well. Especially various types of Druplicons.