Drupal Blogs from January

Written by: Matic
Published on: 2.2.2017

And it is once again time to present you our blogs from the previous month. It's January's turn, so here's what we discovered that month.

We began our tour with the best or let's say top books Drupal 8 has to offer. Besides one of the beginners guide and Cookbook, which enjoys the best feedback from the readers, we pointed out one of the books that covers front-end skills, which can be easily applied to Drupal 8. We also announced the release date of the SEO Book – now it's already out – and presented you the upcoming book, which will require the most advanced knowledge of Drupal 8. We concluded our blog topic with wishes, about which Drupal 8 books still need to be published.

Next in line was Drupal Global Sprint Weekend, which happened at the end of last week. It was an event happening all over the world. Therefore, we refreshed your memories about purposes of Sprints and helped you find the right location for your trip. Moreover, we pointed out that our sprint also took place in our office in Ljubljana, so the Slovenians also had the options to participate.

Our third blog topic this week was the Importance of Drupal Events. We got the idea from the Sprints. We presented you our work about Drupal events up to that point and highlighted Drupal events in general. Then we moved to exclusively positive things about attending such events. We may have missed some of the pros, but we covered the important ones for sure.

Our last blog topic this month were Drupal Camps that are organized online. Since not everyone can attend Drupal Camps due to variety of reasons we decided to present the alternatives for such Drupalistas. Since virtual world is growing it was an ideal topic. It included past attempts and actual virtual Drupal Camps and all the positive and negative things they offer into today's world.

That's it. More action will come in February, when we have a lot for you in store as well.