The Importance of Drupal Events

Business Drupal

Drupal Global Sprint Weekend will happen at the end of this week almost all over the world, so we have made a list for you, where you can attend it. We have also analysed Drupal Camps on all continents last year and presented you the reasons why you should attend DrupalCons. All together with user group meetups, they form Drupal events. But why is organizing and attending them important? Here are the reasons.

Have you ever been to any of the described Drupal events? If your answer is yes, then you'll already familiar with things. But since you probably did not take the full advantage of it, this blog post will also help you, if you decide to visit them again. On the other hand, if your answer to the question is no, then you are missing quite a lot of things. The first one is definitely the opportunity to make business partners. At Drupal events, there are a lot of Drupalistas, who professionally work with Drupal, so connecting with them can be beneficial for your business.

Promotion, making friends …

The connection between people can go even further, so besides connecting on the professional level, you can even make friends at such events. But if you do neither of both things, there's nothing tragically about it. Just showing, participating, discussing and listening (to presentations,) at the event can bring you more than you think. After all, learning about new things and trying to optimize your work is also a purpose of such events.

With people attending camps, sprints, meetups and Cons, they promote Drupal. Latter experience a lot of competition, so every soul using this open source content-management framework matter. So, expanding Drupal Community is also one of the goals on such events. Beginners or complete newcomers are welcome practically everywhere, meaning that there is never too late to start using Drupal. Newcomers and other, even expert users of Drupal, will definitely improve their skills (in specific areas), so the evolution of Drupal continues every time Drupalistas meet.

Spreading the positive things about Drupal events

All attendees will, eventually, after experiencing the event, spread the word around and perhaps share their thoughts on social media, which is another way of promoting Drupal. But more importantly, they will warn about problems – like in the case on Drupal Camp Munich –, discuss and try to resolve them, so that organizers of the upcoming events won't make the same mistakes and will easily offer something more to the visitors.

Lastly, Drupal events can catch the eyes of other people working in technology. That means that they can try to include Drupal in other events, like DevConf in Panama, and try to even connect it to other technologies, like in the case of The Internet of Things. We bet that there are also some positive things about Drupal events that we did not cover here. But one thing is for sure. We're organizing a Drupal event and will be joining »the party« of Drupal Global Sprint Week in our office in Ljubljana on 28th January at 9am and all of you are most welcome.