Drupal Logos representing National Identities

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 by Matic

We are now very deep into our »Druplicon marathon«. After already presenting you Drupal Logos in Human and Superhuman forms, Drupal Logos as Fruits and Vegetables, Druplicons in the shapes of Animals and Drupal Logos taking part in the outdoor activities, it's now time to look at Drupal Logos representing the national identities.

A sense of belonging to one nation can be very strong. National identities are therefore also present in various Druplicons. Latter mostly represent active or inactive Drupal Groups from the specific countries. These groups connect Drupalistas from that specific countries, so in most cases, Druplicons contain colours from the countries' flags. Not in all cases, of course, but mostly they do. Furthermore, national identities are also represented by some Drupal Camps. Here's what we have found.


Druplicon Bolivia


Drupal Logo Bolivia


Druplicon France


Druplicon France


Druplicon Italy


Druplicon italy


Druplicon Denmark


Drupal Logo Denmark


Druplicon Tunisia (Drupal Camp Tunis 2015)


Druplicon Tunisia


Druplicon Senegal (Drupal Camp Dakar 2011)


Druplicon Senegal


Druplicon Austria (Drupal Austria Roadshow)


Drupal Logo Austria


Druplicon Belgium


Drupal Logo Belgium


Druplicon Uganda


Druplicon Uganda


Druplicon Nigeria (Drupal Camp Nigeria 2016)


Drupal Logo Nigeria


Druplicon Poland


Druplicon Poland


Druplicon Serbia


Drupal Logo Serbia


Druplicon Macedonia


Druplicon Macedonia


When we finish a blog post about Druplicons, we are, in practical all cases, sure that we hardly missed any. Still, we don't doubt that you will still manage to find the missing Druplicons in the specific area, so we, in every case, encourage you to find them. By now, you have proven yourself and found many missing Drupal Logos.

Well, this time, despite the research, we are almost for certain that we have missed some Druplicons, which represent national identities. So, if you find any missing Drupal Logos, which represent national identities, post them on our twitter account and you'll be mentioned in our next blog post about Druplicons. Sadly, last time, no one found any of the Druplicons taking part in outdoor activities. Better luck this time!