Drupal Logos in the Shapes of Animals

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 by Matic

We have to admit that it's really fun collecting and presenting you various types of Druplicons. You realize that imagination actually has no limits. After already exploring Humans and Superhumans and Fruits and Vegetables, it's time to present you Drupal Logos in the shapes of Animals.

Druplicon in the shape of a Bee (NW Drupal User Group)


Drupal Logo bee


Very similar to this bee (DrupalCamp Charlotte 2014)


Druplicon bee


Druplicon in the shape of a Bear (Drupal Camp Asheville 2016)


Druplicon bear


Druplicon in the shape of a Dolphin (Drupal Camp Victoria 2009)


Drupal Logo dolphin


Druplicon in the shape of a Fish (Drupalcon Szeged 2008)


Druplicon fish



Druplicon in the shape of a Tiger (DrupalCamp New Jersey)


Drupal logos tiger


Druplicon in the shape of a Lion (DrupalCamp Singapore)


Druplicon lion


Druplicon in the shape of a Whale (Drupalcamp Cebu 2014)


Drupal Logo whale


Last time, we once again encouraged you to post any of the missing Druplicons as Fruits and Vegetables on our Twitter account, but we did not get any of your replies. So, we would like you to once again participate and post any of the Druplicons in the shapes of Animals that we did not already cover here, on our twitter account. If you do that, you'll be mentioned in our next blog post about Druplicons. We already did that, when we got the replies from first blog post, remember? Until then, wait for our next blog post, because Druplicon »party« is far from over.