DrupalCon sessions about Coding and Development

Published by Matic
on 23 May 2017

Last time, we gathered together DrupalCon Baltimore sessions about Project Management. Before that, we explored Case Studies. We promised that we will also look in some other areas. Therefore, we will this time see, which sessions were present in the area of Coding and Development.

Code Standards: It's Okay to be Yourself, But Write Your Code Like Everyone Else by Alanna Burke from Chromatic

In this session, attendees learned both formatting standards for their code and documentation standards, as well as some specifics for things like Twig, and object-oriented programming in Drupal 8. The session was appropriate for beginners and experts of Drupal and it also covered how to implement coding standards using tools like Coder and PHP Codesniffer, and how to make the editor do some of the work for Drupal users.


Deep dive into D8 through Single Sign-On Example by Arlina Espinoza Rhoton from Chapter Three

In this session, the author went through a single sign-on (SSO) example module, which helped everybody understand, how OOP works its magic into the modules, making them easier to write, understand and debug. In the way, they uncovered some of Drupal's design patterns.


Devel - D8 release party by Moshe Weitzman from Drupal Association

The session covers a Devel project, which has been revitalized and revamped for Drupal 8. Therefore, the attendees learned about all Devel's new features and APIs.


Drupal Commerce Performance by Shawn McCabe from Acro Media

This session gives an overview of performance problems with Drupal Commerce and Drupal 7 and ways to fix or mitigate them. It also touches changes coming with Commerce 2.x for Drupal 8 and how this will affect performance in Drupal, especially related to cache contexts and bigpipe.


Entities 201 - Creating Custom Entities by Ron Northcutt from Acquia

This session covers code generation using Drupal Console, creating a custom module to “house” the custom entity, understanding basic object inheritance, understanding folder naming and namespace, permissions and routing and fields and database storage. With that knowledge, attendees should create a basic custom entity and custom module in under 5 minutes.


Improving your Drupal 8 development workflow by Jesus Manuel Olivas from weKnow

This session will show you how to use composer to improve your development workflow and reduce project setup and onboarding time. Furthermore, it will show you how to implement automated analysis tools for code review and code coverage and finally how to build and artifact and deploy your project.


Magento and Drupal fall in love: A new way to approach contextual commerce at enterprise scale by Mike DeWolf and Justin Emond from Third & Grove

In this session, authors used many Drupal and Magento integration projects and shared everything you need to know to successfully combine these two marketing-leading systems into a digital experience platform. More specifically, authors went over technical best practices for combining Drupal and Magento, shared their integration approach decision matrix, discussed how to make it scale at the enterprise level, and reviewed how to ensure outages don’t impact orders with a tool called the conductor.


Masters of the Universe: Live-coding a React Application using Drupal Services by Erin Marchak and Justin Longbottom from Myplanet

In this session, authors coded live both the back- and the front-end of a decoupled React application. They used Drupal Console to generate the services, and React Scaffold to generate the components. This session is appropriate for React developers looking to dip their toes into Drupal, Drupal developers wanting to take a peek at React, and Architects looking to understand how the two combine.


Migrate all the things! by Dave Vasilevsky from Evolving Web

In this session, the author talks about his experiences with several different Migrate-based workflows that he and his Evolving Web team had used before.


Progressive Web Apps for Drupal - Reliable, Fast, Engaging by Ronald te Brake from GoalGorilla

In this session, attendees learned more about push notifications and how the company used this new progressive web app feature in their Drupal 8 distribution Open Social, to improve user engagement with their product.


Rescue Me: Recovering a sad, broken Drupal by Matt Corks from Evolving Web

This session describes the process used to recover sites with no filesystem or database backups after a Drupalgeddon infiltration. It also describes the process used to rescue a site containing multiple major unsupported core patches. Moreover, it briefly mentions the related project management difficulties associated with having inherited a completely broken site, in particular, one belonging to an external client.


Testing for the Brave and True by Gabe Sullice from Aten

In this session, the author discussed the how and the why from the get-go. He cleared as many obstacles as he could and presented his mistakes. Specifically, he thought everybody how to extend Drupal's testing classes like UnitTestCase, KernelTestBase, and WebTestBase to test everybody's custom applications from top to bottom.


Understanding the Dark Side: An Analysis of Drupal (and Other) Worst Practices by Kristen Pol from Hook 42

This session is a collection of some of the worst practices that are pretty common in the Drupal world and beyond Drupal world. For example, if you don't know what "hacking core" is or why you shouldn't do it, you must listen to this session.