Global Drupal Training Days are near

Written by: Matic
Published on: 17.8.2017

From time to time, we check Drupical. It's a website, where »you can Find Drupal events with ease!« With the help of it, we already presented you Drupal Camps, Virtual Drupal Camps, DrupalCons, Mini Drupal Camps and Global Drupal Sprint week. One of the nearest events is Drupal Introduction Workshop, listed on Trainings, so we’ll take a look at Drupal Trainings. More specifically, Global Drupal Training Days.

To be completely fair, we presented Global Drupal Sprint Week a little late last time. We will not be making the same »mistake« again, so we'll look at the Drupal Global Training Days now, more than three weeks before. With that, you will have more than enough time to decide, whether you will attend one or not. Nevertheless, first thing is first. Therefore, the nearest event is presented first.

Drupal Introduction Workshop will take place earlier, on 25th August in Woburn, USA. This training is free and it teaches attendees how to operate basic functionalities in Drupal. It is organized by one of the companies in the USA. But companies are not the only ones that organize such events. Local groups around the world also help newcomers.


Global Drupal Training Days


Keeping that in mind, it's no surprise that Global Drupal Training Days is an initiative from the Drupal community to introduce new and beginning users to Drupal. This year, it will take place on 8th and 9th of September in various locations around the world. These locations are:

Bundaberg, Australia, 8th September

Bengaluru, India, 8th September

Tokyo, Japan, 9th September

Cluj, Romania, 8-9th September

London, UK, 8th September

Omsk, Russia, 9th September

Los Angeles, USA, 8th September

Jacksonville, USA, 9th September

We expect that in the next three week, some Global Drupal Training Days will be added as well. Moreover, there will be Global Drupal Training Days in December as well. But more about that at that time. Until then, we hope you'll go to the Global Drupal Training Day in your nearest location and have an awesome time learning about Drupal.