Our blog posts from December

Published by Ana
on 15 January 2018

You have already seen what Drupal blogs we trending in the previous month, and now it is time to look at all our blog post we wrote. Here are the blog topics we covered in December.


The first blog post in December was Why Drupal is the most secure CMS. It explains and shows the reasons why Drupal is a secure CMS even though many people doubt that due to being open source.

The second was In the beginning, Drupal had an ambition. We talked about Dries keynote from DrupalCon Vienna and his statement that Drupal is for ambitious digital experiences. What are three critical ingredients for ambitious websites? In this blog post, we are defining all three of them.



The third blog post is an interview with our Managing director Marko Bahor, who tells us about his beginnings with AGILEDROP, what are his responsibilities now and who he is outside work.

Let's continue with blog post Do not underestimate the difference between CEM & DEM from Ales, which is focusing on some of the specific elements of digital experience we can call ambitious. It’s also covering channels of communications since presence in a digital area is not enough anymore.

Fifth in a row is What makes Drupal SEO friendly. It shows us some examples and some of the factors why Drupal is at the very top of SEO friendly content management systems.



The sixth blog post is What do developers joining Drupal need to know before they start? It explains what skills does a developer needs to have to enter Drupal community, which tools need to be familiar with, and skills needed before starting.

Seventh is Drive greater business value with deeper integrations. This blog post is answering the questions what possibilities of integration with Drupal we have, what is there to integrate and why. It also provides us with a case study that serves like a great what a great digital experience means.

Next one is Why you should exceed your user expectations, which are very tricky sometimes. That is why you have to exploit the possibilities it offers entirely.

And the last one from December in an interview with Boštjan, our Development director. We talked about his responsibilities in the company, what are his daily and weekly tasks and who is he outside of the company. 


Those were our blog post from December. Looking forward to having you as readers in 2018!