Our Drupal Blogs from August

Written by: Matic
Published on: 5.9.2017

It's the beginning of the month, so it is once again time to look at all our blog action from the previous month. Here are the blog topics we covered in August.

We began the previous month with Developer Onboarding Tips from our Commercial Director Iztok Smolic. He has revealed an optimized onboarding process for developers who join new teams.

Our second blog topic was Accepted Business Sessions for DrupalCon Vienna. Namely, our commercial director Iztok Smolic was invited to the Business track team. Together with Janne Kalliola (CEO of Exove) and Stella Power (CEO of Annertech) he prepared the program and selected sessions. And there is our reason why we presented them.

We continued with Global Drupal Training Days. At the time we decided it was time for us to present you Global Drupal Training Days more than three weeks before they begin so that you will have more than enough time to decide, whether you will attend any. We expected that some of them would be added later.


Bostjan Kovac having a session in Zagreb


Then we have come to the two connected blog post. Namely, we have presented the session from our Development director Bostjan Kovac about Web Accessibility in Drupal 8. In the first part, we have looked at some facts, mentioned some Assistive technology and begin with the first tools, which help developers when it comes to accessibility.

In the second part, we have looked at the most common mistakes developers make, Drupal Contrib modules and other tools that helped you out when it comes to web accessibility. 

Our sixth blog topic was University sites on Drupal. Our company is located in Slovenia, and Slovenian university students still have little less than one month until the new academic year begins. Latter varies from country to country, meaning that some will go to the universities earlier or later. Therefore, we have decided to present you the most “elite” universities that use Drupal.

We concluded the August with fulfilling the promise we have made before. We have looked at the Drupal 8 modules we use at Agiledrop. Of course, we did not list all of them, but we have chosen the ones we use very often. The ones we have developed are also included in the list.