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The Story of Agiledrop: Introduction

We've started a series of blog posts that tell the story of what makes our developers successful when working with other Drupal teams. The first chapter introduces our workflow and the advantages it brings.
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Published on: 14. 12. 2018

How to Create a Node in Drupal 8 using REST

In this post, I go through the steps involved in creating content (nodes) using RESTful web services in order to demonstrate their capabilities.
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Published on: 11. 12. 2018

History of the Druplicon, the famous Drupal symbol

Once Drupal was initially developed, a logo needed to be created and the concept would have to include a drop, of course - the same theme that inspired a software name.
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Published on: 26. 10. 2017

Developer's first days on board with the A-team

When new developers arrive in our team, our mission is to help them as much as we can in every aspect of adaption to the new job environment, so they can show their potential and shine in their best light.
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Published on: 25. 10. 2017

We can join in the middle of the project

We have all been in situations when we faced different challenges while working on projects. The deadline shifted, budget reduced, but there is always a way to adapt to a new reality and deliver according to client’s expectations.
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Published on: 23. 10. 2017

Why we love working from the office

While technology makes remote work more and more feasible, we found several reasons why working from the office is better for our team and for our clients.
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Published on: 16. 10. 2017

Our Drupal Blogs from September

It's the beginning of the new month, so it's time to look at all the Drupal blogs we have written for you in September.
Published on: 3. 10. 2017

Latest Drupal 8 books

We have published a blog post about Top Drupal 8 books before. We have looked at the best books the newest version of Drupal has to offer. That was at the beginning of this year. So, around nine months later, we decided it was time to once again look at this area and explore, which Drupal 8 books were published during that time.
Published on: 28. 9. 2017

DrupalCon Vienna sessions you don't want to miss

There will be a lot of sessions on DrupalCon Vienna. That's nothing new to be fair. DrupalCons are the biggest Drupal events, so you don't catch all the sessions you want. Therefore, we have made a short list of the sessions you don't want to miss.
Published on: 21. 9. 2017

Agiledrop going to DrupalCon Vienna!

There have been many blog post written about the forthcoming DrupalCon in Vienna. Many topics were covered including our Accepted Business sessions for DrupalCon Vienna. To refresh your memories, we presented them because our commercial director Iztok Smolic was selected in a business track team to help prepare the program and select the sessions.
Published on: 19. 9. 2017

Top Drupal Blogs from August

It was about time to do that. After already looking at our Drupal Blogs from the past month, it's now time to present you the Top Drupal Blogs from August, written by other authors.
Published on: 13. 9. 2017