Drupal Logos Showing Emotions

Thursday, March 23, 2017 by Matic

It's not over yet. There are still Druplicons that need to be presented. After already exploring the fields of Humans and Superhumans, Fruits and Vegetables, Animals, Outdoor Activities and National Identities, it's now time to look in the field of emotions and see, which emotions are shown by Drupal Logos.

After expecting to find many Druplicons in the area of national identities, we came up with an idea of exploring something more challenging. After some thought, we decided it's time to look in the area of emotions. After all, Druplicon was designed with a mischievous smile, so it looks serious (and maybe something less pleasant as well) all the time. Despite that, it can show a lot of (other) emotions. Here are some according to Human-Machine Interaction Network on Emotion (HUMAINE), which classifies 48 emotions.

Sad Druplicon (SADCamp 2011)

Sad Druplicon


Hurt Druplicon


Hurt Drupal Logo


Happy Druplicon (GLAD Camp 2014)


Happy Druplicon


Relaxed Druplicon


Relaxed Drupal Logo


Angry Druplicon (BADCamp)


Angry Drupal Logo


We are aware that we already used that as a pirate, but hey, if Druplicon can have more functions, why not present them all.

Annoying Druplicon


Annoying Drupal Logo


Irritated Druplicon


Irritated Drupal Logo


You responded extraordinary last time. When we asked you to find any of the missing Drupal Logos, which represent national identities, Chimezie Chuta‏, Dragan Eror‏ and Sine informed us on twitter about Nigerian, Serbian and Polish Druplicon. Moreover, Dark Dim‏ and Chimezie Chuta‏ even found missing Drupal Logos from the field of Outdoor activities and Humans. Thank you all!

By now, we think you already know the rules. Find any of the Druplicons Showing Emotions that we did not cover here and post it on our Twitter account. If you do that, you'll be mentioned in our next blog post about Drupal Logos.