DrupalCon sessions about Drupal Showcase

Written by: Matic
Published on: 25.5.2017

Last time, we gathered together DrupalCon Baltimore sessions about Coding and Development. Before that, we explored the area of Project Management and Case Studies. And that was not our last stop. This time, we looked at sessions that were presented in the area of Drupal Showcase.

Ain’t No Body: Not Your Mama’s Headless Drupal by Paul Day from Quotient, Inc.

This session explores disembodied Drupal, also known as bodiless Drupal- an application that uses Drupal’s powerful framework to do things it does well while storing the actual domain data in a remote repository. Moreover, it explores applications that are both disembodied and headless - in which Drupal is the framework used to maintain data stored in a remote repository; and kiosk applications and other non-Drupal front end leverage the stored data, whether via Drupal paths or otherwise.


Continuous Integration is For Teams by Rob Bayliss from Last Call Media and Drew Gorton from Pantheon

This session looked through the eyes of the real world at Continuous Integration. It went past the tooling hype and looked at the benefits of CI for developers, project managers, and clients. After all, a successful Continuous Integration practice makes a team work faster, safer, and more predictable.


Extending your application to the edge: best practices for using a CDN from Fastly

In this session, attendees discussed caching strategies when using CDNs. More specifically, they covered caching long tail content, caching fast-changing content, invalidation, stale and error conditions, and best ways to interact with a CDN when it comes to cached content. The session was supported by real-world examples to showcase new ways of using a CDN as a platform that extends applications to the network edge.


How Drupal.org Fights Spam Using Distil Networks by Dominick Fuccillo from Distil Networks

In this session, the author explored the unique challenges Drupal.org faced with spammers creating bogus accounts, the resources needed to manually remove spam content, and how fake accounts and spam were polluting the community engagement metrics.


Scaling and Sharing: Building Custom Drupal Distributions for Federated Organizations by Alexander Schedrov from FFW and Craig Paulnock from YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities

In this session authors examined how they were leveraging open source, Drupal 8 with one of the largest federated non-profit organization in the world, the YMCA. They focused specifically on a community driven initiative, Open Y, which is a Drupal distribution custom built for YMCAs everywhere.


Score.org: User Experience for 320+ sites on one flexible platform! by phase2

This session dug into the UX and administrative challenges that are common to large national organizations with several local chapters or offices. Moreover, it showed how these challenges can be solved by implementing a Drupal platform coupled with a robust user experience strategy.


Security for Emerging Threats by Tony Perez from SucuriSecurity

In this session, the author looked back at various incidents in 2016, talked about what they meant to website owners, and talked about security technologies designed to help address tomorrow’s threats.


So you want to be a "Digital Platform" Rock Star?! by David Valade from Comcast, Lisa Bernhard from PWW, Kiel Frost of Flight Center Travel Group, Brendan Janishefski of Visit Baltimore, and Subramanian "Subbu" Hariharan of Princess Cruises

In this session, attendees learned from the first-hand what it takes to be a Digital Platform Rock Star. The authors talked what inspired them, how they started, what resources they needed, what unexpected events happened, how they formed a ‘band’ from across their organization to ensure success. It was not a technical session.


Strategy and Redesign for the U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe by Sarat Tippaluru and Chris Jurchak from  U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe

In this session member of U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe explained why they have chosen Drupal. They also described the whole project and revealed the back-end development and front-end design.


The Cure for Translation Headaches: Drupal Module Gives HID Global Pain Relief from Quality & Integration Problems by Peter Carrero from Lingotek

The session showed how the integrated translation solution provided by the Lingotek (Inside Drupal Module) quickly eliminated the company’s translation problems. It also showed how integrating translation inside Drupal had a positive business impact on the speed, accuracy, and quality of HID Global’s translations and helped free up time for their content managers and developers.


Why Symfony, Magento and eZ Systems launched their cloud services in 2016, and why you should be using a PaaS too. by Kieron Sambrook-Smith from Platform.sh, Fabien Potencier from SensioLabs, Peter Sheldon from Magento Commerce and Roland Benedetti from eZ Systems

In this session, people from Magento, eZ Systems and SensioLabs came and talked about the Platform.sh PaaS, which enabled these new offerings. Moreover, they talked about why all these same benefits apply to a digital agency, an organisation, or a single developer.


Note: Some of the sessions were already used in Case Studies