DrupalCon sessions about Business

Written by: Matic
Published on: 27.6.2017

Last time, we gathered together DrupalCon Baltimore sessions about PHP. Before that, we explored the area of DevOps, Front End, Site Building, Drupal Showcase, Coding and Development, Project Management and Case Studies. And that was not our last stop. We have two to go. This time, we looked at sessions that were presented in the area of Business.

Beyond the .Com: Drupal's new role in the Large Enterprise by Josh Linard from Mediacurrent

This session was not about Gartner rankings and CMS comparisons, but it was about attendees gaining an understanding of how Drupal now fits into a global organization’s product roadmap in 2017 and beyond. The primary challenges that the Large Enterprises are using Drupal to solve were also explored.


Buzzword Blitz: What You Need To Know About Digital Transformation and Drupal by Shellie Hutchens from Mediacurrent

This session broke down what business and marketing buzzwords you need to know and what’s just noise, helped you gain a clearer understanding of how each concept may or may not impact your organization’s Digital Transformation journey, explored the challenges your organization may face when integrating Drupal and your technology stack, including the best place to start and showed you how innovations in Drupal are helping organizations like yours tackle these big ideas to reach their business goals.


Change prospects’ perceptions by Productizing your services by Shailesh Gogate from Faichi Solutions

In this session, attendees learned how to productize their services and change the perception of customers. They might have gotten the ideas on how to choose specific verticals based on their current or past experience and scale their business.


Creating a Culture of Engagement: The ROI of Transparency and Communication by Anne Stefanyk from Kanopi Studios

In this session attendees learned what employee engagement looks like, how to hold employees accountable for goals and their outcomes, the importance of transparency, ways to create business value through culture, how to harness the talents of all personality types and the tactics to put ideas into action.


Cultivating a Digital Ecosystem: Do you have a holistic digital strategy? by Nikhil Deshpande from GeorgiaGov Interactive

This session addressed how to cultivate a digital ecosystem to build an environment for customer interactions, mapping customer touch points and designing experience roadmaps for the customer journey.


Data Driven Design for Better Business by Melissa DuFresne from Elevated Third

In this session, Elevated Third presented how they run tests, do research and generate numbers to support almost every design decision their teams make. So, learn how everything can be supported by numbers.


Drupal As Tech Education: Fostering New Staff Via the Drupal Stack by Chris Wright, Caitlin Loos and Chris Bloom from phase2

Attendees of this session learned how to pitch the business case for junior talent development to their company, how to find and identify the best, most diverse junior talent, the benefits to their existing staff and how to start small and plan big for junior talent development.

Drupal hosting, avalanches and risk management lessons learned the hard way by Daniel Kanchev from SiteGround

This session was the story of how SiteGround managed to successfully implement a risk management framework. It is a story of why you need a risk management framework, how to create it, how to implement it and how to test it.


Forecasting with Metrics for Digital Agencies by Jody Gruden from Summit CPA Group

This session touched the financial and non-financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that all digital agencies should know and understand in order to effectively manage their business.


Government of Bermuda: How to pitch, plan, and build a citizen-centric web portal with Drupal by Steve Lavigne from OPIN Software Inc.

This session explored how Drupal was pitched as the right choice over SharePoint & other proprietary systems, how the company proposed third-parties for seamless integration with existing systems, explained reasons behind moving to Drupal specific hosting (Acquia), revealed the future plan to move to Drupal 8 and explained the plan on how the company intend to bring 100s of government services online with Drupal.


Know your friends, pick the right fights by Jeffrey McGuire from Acquia and Mathias Schreiber from TYPO 3

This session addressed the threats (some were very specific ) outside the open source cocoon, how this treats can be dealt with, how collaboration is more powerful than protectionism and how can everyone from an open source together form a world a better place.


New Business is Everyone's Responsibility by Jeff Calderone, Nick Switzer and Nelson Harris from Elevated Third

This session focused on how to solve the issue of the sales team getting isolated from the rest of the staff. It provided insights on how to develop a process that brings everyone together during the sales phase.


Section 508 Refresh, Accessibility & the Law in the USA by Mike Gifford from OpenConcept Consulting Inc.

This session highlighted what organizations need to know about Section 508 Refresh, and more importantly what web development companies should be informing their clients.