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Microcopy: What is it and why is it important

In this post, we'll take a look at what is meant by microcopy (or UX writing), how it differs from traditional, marketing-oriented copywriting, and what are some best practices for writing microcopy.
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Published on: 17. 10. 2019

Understanding the job of an IT Project Manager

Maria Espie Vidal, writer for, wrote a post for our blog in which she breaks down the role of an IT project manager. Check it out and gain a better understanding of the multifaceted job of IT project management.
Published on: 10. 10. 2019

Our blog posts from September 2019

Missed some of our blog posts last month? Don't worry - here’s a recap of all our posts from September. Check it out and make sure you’re all caught up!
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Published on: 7. 10. 2019

On which Drupal Camp to go?

As mentioned in our interview with Janez Urevc there are too many Drupal events, which are internationally oriented. DrupalCons grow each year and so does Drupal Camps. It's hard for organizers to attract visitors, because Drupalistas can't travel every weekend. Knowledge of where to expand your Drupal skills is therefore a key thing. In the past few weeks we have written many blog posts about Drupal Camps for you. Now, we give you an overview of the findings in our Drupal Camp world tour, so that your decisions which Drupal Camps to visit will be easier.
Published on: 27. 12. 2016

Drupal in Christmas Motives

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year says Andy Williams in one of his songs. That's true if you ask me. The whole family gathers, eats, talks and in general enjoys spending time together, which was maybe not a common practice during the year. Families are accompanied with presents, Christmas trees, ornaments and other Christmas motives. We explored, how Drupal can conjure you the Christmas spirit.
Published on: 23. 12. 2016

Janez Urevc: If you are not involved in the community, you are leaving the choices about your future in the hands of the others

Janez Urevc is a Slovenian mastermind when it comes to Drupal and its connection with media. Online, he is found under the name of ‘slashrsm’ and currently works in MD Systems. Before answering he takes a deep breath, like he would like to speak without a single pause. But he does it to carefully gather his thoughts, who come out as a clear opinion about a variety of topics. We talked about Drupal events, Drupal community and media management, which is considered as the main weakness in Drupal’s core.
Published on: 19. 12. 2016

Drupal Camps in Oceania

Remember where we have finished in our world tour of Drupal Camps? Let us refresh your memories. After Africa, Asia, North America, Europe and South America it was time for Middle America to shine. Only two Drupal Camps were found there, so we hoped for more Drupal activity in Oceania. Our hopes were fulfilled.
Published on: 15. 12. 2016

Drupal Commerce 2.x for Drupal 8

Recent events, when Acquia announced its partnership with Magento, shook the Drupal community. Blog posts and tweets were written to ensure. Drupal commerce is not neglected.
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Published on: 12. 12. 2016

Other Top Drupal Blogs from November

We recently decided that at the beginning of every month we will look at the topics we covered in our blog posts in the previous month. So, we began last week with our first overview. But we were not satisfied only with that. Therefore, we decided to also look around and gather for you the best Drupal blogs that other authors have written over the past month. Here's our first selection, which includes blogs, which were written in November.
Published on: 8. 12. 2016

Drupal Camps in Middle America

As promised in one of our previous blog posts, the area between North and South America will not be forgotten. Therefore we present you Drupal Camps in Middle America. We already guided you through Drupal Camps, which were organized in Africa, Asia, North America, Europe and South America. Since our expectations were so wrong last time, we'll say that we expect Middle America to be ranked between South America and Africa in our world tour ranking table, which measures the quantity of organized Drupal Camps.
Published on: 5. 12. 2016

Drupal Blogs in November

We have a news for you. Pretty exciting one. From now on, at the beginning of every month we will look at the Drupal blogs we have written over the past month, making sure that nothing slips away from you and that you will be as informed as possible. Maybe you would have liked some of the topics, but you were just not on your computer that day, you had a day off, you were too busy at work etc. Well, from now on, even if you have missed something, you will be able to catch it later.
Published on: 2. 12. 2016

Drupal Camps in South America

Famous beach Copacabana and football are the most frequent associations when we think of South America. Well, there are plenty more things there, that's for sure. Drupal Camps are one of those. In our world tour we already touched continents like Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. In the exact same sequence are continents listed from one with the most Drupal Camps (Europe) to the one with the least Drupal Camps (Africa). We expected to find South America between Asia and Africa, but for the first time, we were wrong.
Published on: 29. 11. 2016

Drupal Camps in Europe

Our world tour is far from over. This time it continues with Drupal Camps in Europe. After already exploring Drupal Camps that take place in Africa, Asia and North America, it's time for the continent from which our company comes from. We concluded that Drupal Camps are the most frequent in North America, followed by Asia and Africa, which currently takes the last place. What about Europe? Which spot is reserved for it?
Published on: 23. 11. 2016

Drupal Camps in North America

After political discussions about the elections in the United States are slowly cooling down and the jokes on Donald Trump getting elected circle around the web in a lesser extent, we decided that it is time to look at something else. It's time to present you Drupal Camps organized in North America. We already presented Drupal Camps, which took place in Africa and Asia and concluded that Drupal Camps and activities are far more spread in Asia than in Africa. However, we expected that North America can offer a little bit more. We were right again.
Published on: 17. 11. 2016

Drupal Camps in Asia

After our world tour of Drupal Camps took a lift-off in Africa, it continued its journey in Asia. We concluded that Drupal activities in Africa are poorly represented and on the other hand predicted that Drupal Camps are more spread across the world’s largest continent. We also expected not to find the most of Drupal activities gathered in one country, like it was the case in South Africa. We were quite right.
Published on: 9. 11. 2016